Continuum Turbulence Speed Run Event: "Child of the Betrayer"

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2/23 update: Added the Getting to Nyto on a budget section for players that want to conserve resources. 

2/13 update: Added the promo video and an example No HOC Clear.

The folks over at Girls' Frontline Corner have prepared another Speed Run Event for players to try during Continuum Turbulence!

The format is much closer to the initial Showdown at Habanera speedrun with a boss battle being the only timed component, which means loading times and network lag will no longer be unfair disadvantages for players! This event simply requires killing a story boss node in one fight with no restrictions, so anyone who can clear the campaign can record their kill and be eligible for prizing!

The fastest clears will receive very generous Gem rewards, while any player who submits a valid run will earn tons of goodies including 30 TokensMemory Fragments, and Training Data, so give it a try!

This map should be doable for any player that has adequately-equipped Level 90 x5 teams.

The full event details are included below.

Event Rules and Details

Participants should provide all the information needed in the Google form below.

Submission Form:

Some of the information submitted will be visible via the doc below.

Submissions Sheet:

Check out the original Twitter Post!


Event Strategies

Editor's Note: I am no longer eligible to participate in this event after joining GFC, but I will compile any publicly-shared strategies I come across on this page.

Stay tuned over the course of the event for updates!

Sample Run

No HOC Clear

Sample run from Ceia showing that a no-HOC clear is possible. (Note that this particular video is not a valid run as it does not finish the fight,)

M4A1 Exodia with HOC
Ineligible Run

There is currently a bug where if either Nyto is killed too quickly, the fight will end without the player having to finish off the other one. This makes the run invalid. Players should ensure they DPS the boss in a way such that the mechanics are not skipped over - this will allow the fight to proceed normally.

The below fight is one example of an ineligible run, as one Nyto was still alive at the end: 

Recommended Recording Tools

Getting to the boss cheaply

For established players who intend to run this map many times, Arcus has a tutorial video below showing an inexpensive route to reach the White Nyto boss without relying on a parachute fairy.

Players that want to conserve their ammunition and rations would save a considerable amount of resources following this over using full echelons. 


Can I use a HOC to clear non-boss characters in the run and get still get the "No HOC bonus"?

As long as you are not using any HOC during the 109k CE boss, the "no HOC bonus" still applies. We don't care (and can't tell) if you used any HOC outside the 109k CE boss.

Can I reset? (Savescum)

Yes, you can reset until you get a satisfactory run.

Can you explain the "no HOC bonus" again?

If you kill the boss without any HOC support, your time will be reduced by 2/3. A 1 minute run (60 seconds) will be counted as 20 seconds, a 50 second run will be counted as 16.667 seconds, etc. 

Do I need to S rank for the run to be valid?

No, you only need to kill both bosses for the run to be valid. You can get a B rank and it's still OK. 

Do I get a time bonus if I use a HOC that's not BGM-71?


Can I kill the Nytos over several fights if I'm not strong enough to take her down in one attempt?

No, you must reduce the boss' health from 100% to 0% in one go.

Is sound required in the run?

No, since there is a sound recording problem with Android devices.

My device is not very good - will loading times count against my run?

The ICD backcount method is designed to negate any loading lag. Note that if your GFL runs below 30FPS due to device performance issues, there is nothing we can do to compensate for that. 

Can I use the new fairies?

Yes, all fairies (combat and strategic) are allowed.

Are keybindings allowed?

Yes, keybindings are allowed.

Will I be penalized for retreating T-Dolls during battle or allowing T-Dolls to die?

No, there is no penalty for retreated or defeated T-Dolls.

What if I get an unskippable limited T-Doll drop cutscene during my run?

Since timing stops at the loading circle (which appears as soon as you last-hit the final boss), this will not impact your time. 

Can you share a list of bugs that aren't allowed, so we know not to exploit them?

Nice try. The bugs are hard to accidentally exploit, so the typical participant need not worry about it.