E1-1 Departure Time Infinity Map Farming Guide

Article by Adamasturia
Departure Time Infinity Cover


A new event, and with it, new Dolls to farm. Remember, this is a general guideline on farming teams for Departure Time Infinity to help Commanders who want to farm the map for one of the Limited Time T-Dolls. As always, Commanders are encouraged to adapt this farm to suit their needs, and may require less or more Dolls depending on the rarity of their Fairies, Dolls and equipment available.

A small Q&A about this map.

Can I farm this map for Daily boxes?

Yes, this map is a Clear farm map, which means you acquire 8 boxes per clear. As Commanders can acquire up to 75 boxes per day, this map should be farmed 10 times.

What are the farmable T-Dolls in this map?

GM6 Lynx, CF-05 and TS12 are the farmable T-Dolls. You can check their pages by clicking on the links below.

Should I farm the T-Dolls on this map?

Refer to Should you Farm Guide for more details.
TL;DR: For Collection only.



This map is pretty easy to farm, requiring 1 AR, with 0-1HGs, depending on Fairy rarity and equipment.

AR-15 is particularly recommended due to her Skill activating early enough + two equipment slots + her availability to all Commanders. Fielding one Handgun can ensure damageless runs even for the newest Commanders.

Recommended fairy is a statstick, like Command, Artillery and Rescue.


  • ST AR-15 Mod III was used, with a Maxed HV and Mod SPEQs, a maxed Crit Scope and Skills 10/10
  • Fairy used is a 3-star Preiya (DJMax collab exclusive fairy), with 10% Damage and Crit Damage aura, similar to a 2-star Command fairy


The map requires eliminating all enemies to be cleared. Also, all enemies in this route can drop the limited T-Dolls, so the ideal route is this.

The enemies do not move, so Commanders don't have to worry about protecting their Command Post. Moreover, there is no need to resupply.

To clear this route, Commanders will require 3 turns, which means this map is not the fastest map for Daily Box farms.


All credits to Ceia for this video guide. Long he may live in our hearts and farms

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