E4-1 Operation Snake Eater Infinity Map Farming Guide

Article by Adamasturia
4-1 Operation Snake Eater cover


4.1 is an improvement over 3.1 and 2.1 in that it can be farmed without using a tank, as long as you have M4A1 Mod II and a gold AR chip or her Mod III.

As always, this is a general guideline on farming teams for Ghost Sister Infinity to help Commanders who want to farm the map for one of the Limited Time T-Dolls. As always, Commanders are encouraged to adapt this farm to suit their needs and may require fewer or more Dolls depending on the rarity of their Fairies, Dolls and equipment available.

A small Q&A about this map.

Can I farm this map for Daily boxes?

Yes! Both North route and South route are the same, and can be cleared in 1 Turn Each Clear run gives 10 Boxes, which means Commanders need to farm this map 8 times for the Daily boxes.

This is also the optimal map for farming Daily boxes, due to its cheap cost and fast farm.

What are the farmable T-Dolls in this map?

JS 9, OTs-14 "Groza", TS12, GM6 Lynx and StG-940 "German Annie"

Should I farm the T-Dolls on this map?

Refer to Should you Farm Guide for more details.
TL;DR: JS 9 is a highly recommended secondary Maintank for those who don't have her, while Groza can be of use to new Commanders who lack a dedicated Night AR to clear Night missions and Campaign missions.


New Commanders

FINALLY! A map that can be farmed without using a tank.


This map will make use of 1 Farm Echelon and 1 Dummy Echelon.

Newer Commanders

This map will require M4A1 Mod II at least (preferable Mod III) and another 2 AR: preferably an early buffer, like AR-15, Type 95/97, K2 and a Grenadier. Special mention to SOPMOD, due to her availability to Commanders. However, if Commanders have 416 Mod II, it's recommended fielding her, as her lower ICD can mitigate the occasional bad RNG.

If using M4A1 Mod, note that she will require another AR partner, and cannot have HGs on the team, otherwise her cannon won't activate.


  • ST AR-15 Mod III was used, with a Maxed HV and Mod SPEQs, and a maxed Crit Scope and Skills 10/10
  • M4A1 Mod III was used, with max Crit Scope, max HV ammo and Max Mod SPEQ and Skills 10/10
  • M4 SOPMOD II is using +8 DInergate SPEQ, maxed Crit Scope and maxed HV ammo, with Skills 10/10
  • Fairy used is a 3-star Preiya (DJMax collab exclusive fairy), with 10% Damage and Crit Damage aura, similar to a 2-star Command fairy.
Veteran Commanders

Veteran Commanders can use 416 Mod and M4 Mod to farm this map, along with a Beach fairy.

If Commanders don't have a Beach fairy, they may to field a RoF HG to help M4 shoot faster. Alternatively, if the Beach fairy is of a lower rarity, consider adding an FP tiles HG to buff M4.


  • Beach is 5 star Skill 10
  • M4 Mod III has a maxed SPEQ, maxed HV, maxed Crit Scope and has skills 10/10
  • 416 Mod III has maxed EOT SPEQ, maxed HV and +6 Earbands SPEQ, and has skills 10/10.


This map requires capturing either of the marked node to be cleared, so Commanders have two alternatives:

  • Go North

  • Go South

As both routes are identical (why, just why?) Commanders can opt to go North or South based on their superstitions of which route will give them more luck. Since they're identical, the image is illustrating the South route

Above is circled which enemies contain the Limited Dolls. Only the Manticore nodes can Drop these Dolls.

Commanders will be farming this map for 2 checks + S-rank check.


All credits to Ceia. Long he may live in our hearts and farms.

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