Fixed Point Lonely Island I - E4-3

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Use all cannons

Defeat the boss once

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Scarecrow Echelon
    • Phantom Stance chip required
  • 1 Dummy
    • Para Fairy required

Clear Steps

This map will either need you to fight lots of Nytos, take control of both towers and block helipads from spawning more enemies or...

Bring 1 Parachute Fairy as well as Scarecrow with Phantom Stance chip.
I will be recommending the latter option as it is far easier.

For the boss fight: 

Move your dolls at the start of the fight into a triangle shape to make dodging stuff far easier. Mona should be just tanking the orbs.
If she starts fireballing QBZ (antenna girl with an AR) restart the fight.

After arriving at the boss during fireball phase, retreat whoever is being fireballed (probably Mona) to instantly leave the phase and let your dolls deal damage again.

The fight ends at 50% hp which should be easy enough.

Video Guides:

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