Fixed Point Rebirth I - E4-5

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Activate all consoles

Capture helipad in the bottom left

Team Recommendations: 

  • 1 Scarecrow Echelon
    • Phantom Chip required
  • 1 Dummy
  • 1 Boss Echelon, options below:
    • 5HG with Deagle
    • Sniper Fairy with skill level 4-7 and with some tanks (SGs preferred)
    • M4Mod II/III with 2 HGs
    • Some other extremely strong team (like G11Mod, AK-15Mod etc)

Clear Steps

The final map, filled with debuffs, sniper nyto echelons, enemy dogs and random moving enemy teams.

Everything here SUCKS. I'll just open up with that. The enemies set to attack the NPC squad are 100% force shielded so you will either need HOC or you will need to save them on turn 1.

Having good enough HOC to support them in battle seems like a sketchy requirement for a new player, so I went with the other option: Free them on turn 1.

For this we REQUIRE a Scarecrow with Phantom Stance chip. Scarecrow has the ability to place a Shadow that she can swap with, allowing us to swap her onto the Mortar and back into safety, ensuring that we don't fail the mission due to the boss team getting rammed.

The boss team also requires having NO AR/RF/MG dolls. If you have any of those, you get Sniper Nyto'd. An SG tank is highly recommended to tank the SMG Nytos. As such we need to rely on Sniper Fairy to drop the boss to 50% hp. (The normal solution to this boss is a 5hg team with Deagle as the main damage, completely unrealistic for a new player.)

The Sniper Fairy will sadly require some Skill levels, probably something in the SL4-7 range should be fine, more SGs will allow you to tank longer.

Example of an SL1 Sniper fairy being assisted by LTLX and SGs below:

If you already have stronger teams she is extremely easy to just blast through before she becomes an issue on Normal difficulty. Things like M4 Mod with just 2 HGs can kill her in just a few hits. Sniper Fairy still stands as a far more accessible option as you should be crafting fairies every day and getting all 500x4 fairies unlocked should happen far sooner than your commander level hitting 60 for Neural Upgrades to unlock.

Example of M4Mod:

Video Guides:

With these tools we blast away the annoying dogs, defeat the boss on turn 1 and swap the NPC squad to safety so they can fight back to HQ.

Just make sure to keep at least one echelon on the field and let the NPC squad do the heavy lifting with some help from the cannon if possible.

Next Mission:

Congratulations, you cleared the Event! Enjoy the ED (linked below) and happy farming!

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