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The major story event Fixed Point picks up the story after Poincare Recurrence, with a few modifications to the traditional GFL event formula.

Viewing the story-only stages will give rewards as well, so do not neglect them! 

Farming & Ranking

If you're just here for the Fixed Point farming guide, that will be coming soon, to cover all dedicated farming maps. In the meantime, check out the Should You Farm page if you are unsure who you want to pick up from this event!

Difficulty Slider

Fixed Point keeps the selectable difficulty, with EX and Normal versions of many maps. It also adds a new difficulty, UX. UX difficulty sits at the same challenge level as the old EX difficulty, and EX has slid down into a 'medium' challenge difficulty. If you could previously clear EX, UX should be within your reach, and it is worth doing, to get a new reward that allows you to skip farming event-specific dolls.  

Event Rewards

Fixed Point continues giving out excellent rewards for clearing the event a free True Core Mask for clearing the story, and for those that clear the story on higher difficulties can get a Corrupted Heart Mask, which allows them to received one of the farmable Dolls without the farming! 

Clear Rewards

Heavy Ordnance Corps

Since the Heavy Ordnance Corps (HOC) units were released prior to CT, players should have now had plenty of time to raise them up to higher rarities - with Ranking EX mode being balanced around higher rarity HOCs! The story has a reliance on them this time around, with plenty of Paradeus enemies in the field, often which chunky force shields to go with them. While there is a mechanic to work around this, relying upon that is not recommended!

HOCs are invaluable to deplete enemy shields, destroy enemy emplacements, and sometimes just for the devastating direct firepower certain HOCs like 2B14 can provide.

For shield-breaking and installation-destroying purposes, Mk-153 is the ideal unit, with an extra unit of range when compared to BGM and AT4. Commanders without all HOCs trained should focus on training Mk-153 before all others. All chapter guides containing HOCs that involve breaking force shields or structures will assume the usage of Mk-153 unless otherwise specified.  

Commanders are highly encouraged to read the introduction and guide to HOCs below for the full details about these new units and systems. 

Already raised your HOCs but want a little bit of extra firepower for ranking? Optimize their stats by calculating the best possible chip layout!

Supply Boxes

Supply Boxes can be earned by clearing any event stage. 

Other rewards from Supply Boxes include Original and Pure Samples, Tokens, Quick Analysis Contracts, exclusive Furniture, along with at least Dummy Cores, Resources, Universal Parts, Calibration Tickets, and possibly much more not shown in this infographic!

All Commanders can farm 60 Supply Boxes per day easily. As these offer a sizable influx of resources as well as a chance at rare and useful T-Dolls, everyone is encouraged to farm these daily since the returns are very worthwhile for the short amount of time required. The chance at free Shotguns is not one to easily pass up.


Rhino is a strange DPS HG with randomness thrown in. She's funny for data sim rankings,but in general isn't going to see use outside of that. She can replace Python in your 5HG Echelons if for some reason you refuse to farm Python. 

Other Reward T-Dolls

Limited Drops

While the new farmables for this Event, Sterling,PPQ, and LS26 are nothing to write home about, we get apowerful returning Drop to make up for it. Kolibri is back again, if your love of silly hats is not yet sated. SP9 will be useful whenever G36c Mod drops, and the rest are a mishmash of value. 

You can check out the analysis of the new FP T-Dolls as as well as the MOD batch that arrived with the event on the links below. We'll update it as we release the analysis.

New Limited T-Dolls
MOD batch
Returning 4 and 5 star T-Dolls

Chapter Clear Guides

Chapter Clear Guides are up, thanks to Zess' and Adam's hardwork!


There are several times where there is no reason not to play UX difficulty due to a lack of combat. As a result, there are not guides for normal on these maps, just play UX and get yourself some extra rewards for free!

Chapter Farm Guides

If you clear the event on UX difficulty you will get 3 Masks that allow you to buy the 3 new farmable dolls without having to farm!

Infinite chapter is back with farm maps, this time with the same enemies for each path so just one comp requirement per map.

It is again SG tanking so a 1-link SG with Flash or Mass is highly recommended to keep costs down.

For the first map Mass is recommended due to Rodeleros, but any SG will work if you accept some scratch.
Fairy requirements are none on normal.
DPS for the first map can be anything, though a stronger AR or M4mod makes it much faster.

For the second map any SG works with Flash, or just Mass.
Fairy requirements are close to none, though a minor armor aura (like prototype) may be recommended if your SG isn't max level.
DPS for the second map should preferably be M4mod, but a RF can also kill the Maccabees even if somewhat more expensive to field.

Daily Crate Farm

Simply farm 1-1 for your crates. It costs nothing, and has no fights. We avoiding the 'fight' with the ELIDs as this currently has a tendency to lock up the game. 

Alternatively you could farm the infinite maps.
Ex gives more crates per run, but the first one has terrible enemies and probably requires a full team to handle without repairs, while the second one has a rather high armor requirement for a 1-link SG.

If you don't meet the requirements for ex you could do normal infi maps, see above.

With a 1-link SG, a 4 or 5☆ Armor Fairy with an Armor talent and some dps (just use M4mod2+) this map is rather cheap and easy.
If it's not going fast enough for your liking you could add a HG like Webley to expedite the process.

Ranking Farm

Just like Singu+ and MS, this time we can also farm the Ranking SPEQ and Fairies by doing the map multiple times. Below is linked a guide on how to farm it:


Fixed Point's ranking rewards are not great. Trap Fairy is not good, and will not be used going forward. Python's ammo is a niche upgrade for a niche Doll, and thus the only real think of note in this ranking is that we still have the cumulative points system, allowing us to farm up ranking rewards with a lot less effort.

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