Jashin Collab E1-3EX: Breakneck Pursuit

Mission and Clear Conditions:


Open All Boxes

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  •  2 Combat Echelons Required
    • 1 Scarecrow with the Phantom Step Chip. Level 1 is fine, she never fights
    • 1 Anti-Armor Echelon to Defend the Command Post. This Echelon will face tough battles, including very high Armor Enemies

Clear Steps

In theory, we're spending most of this map running away from Minos. While she starts near the Command Post, every time we open a box, Minos will respawn at a different location. Her respawns can make things awkward if she moves into your path, but we will be avoiding her completely. Enemies on EX move, but we can skillfully dodge around them. 

For the first time ever, I am going to strongly recommend the use of a Coalition Echelon. This allows you to skip the overwhelming majority of battles on this map, as well as complete the map slightly faster. Luckily this strategy relies upon Scarecrow, who everyone gets for free, and she will not be fighting, further simplifying the requirements. We do still need 1 Echelon to protect hte Command Post. They will be facing one rather sizable enemy stack. Assuming no nerfs, the Aegis have a positively obscene 400 Armor, so bring your best to this fight. 

Turn 1


Deploy a Scarecrow on the Command Post. Ensure she has the Phantom Step chip equiped, it is essential wo what we are about to do.

Move her up two nodes, right one node, and up one node. End your turn.

Turn 2


Use Scarecrow's Skill to Deploy her Dummy on the Box. Swap positions with the Dummy. Open the Box. 


Swap with Scarecrow's Dummy again, and move to the right two node. Do NOT open the box yet. 


Deploy a Combat Echelon on the Command Post. They will need to fight heavy Armor. End your turn.

Turn 3


Open the box Scarecrow is standing on. Move Scarecrow to the right two nodes, down one node, and to the right one more node. Do not Open the box.

While the enemy above may be concerning it will move to the left and not down to attack Scarecrow.

Turn 4


Open the box Scarecrow is standing on. Move her to the left two nodes, and down one node. Open the final box to finish the map.

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