Monthly Roadmap: April 2023


Mica really delivered on their promise again. A change of directions? Happenstance? Luck? Who knows

Continuum Turbulence Ranking rerun

Starting April 3rd CT's ranking will rerun as Hurricane Rescue+, letting veterans have another chance at acquiring G41 Balls and newbies try to snatch them for the first time.

We'll release a hub focused on tips and how to farm the ranking soon!

New Gacha Skin

This month we're getting another Valentine's batch, this time featuring very poggers SL8 casual skin, featuring french fries.

sl8 casual

Ringleader rerun

Along with Moth Hunter, we're getting a Judge rerun.

Easily one of the most skipped Ringleader, the only reason to try to get her is if you don't have her yet and want to do dailies/weeeklies for BP.

For more information, check out her page

Monthly SPEQ

Increases K2's max limit during Note mode (which ain't all that useful, since she's used for her Fever Mode), but, especially, gives a 40% chance of not triggering heat during her Fever mode, which means she can keep on it for longer, which is a big yes.

Overall a good SPEQ for a good T-Doll

Special Login

Starting April 11th we'll have a Login Event (that somehow does not have a monthly SPEQ)

New Battle Pass Season

This month we're skipping a couple of foreign Seasons, since we don't have the T-Dolls whose skins are featured on (again).

We're having C93, which is also newly released on Foreign.

News Crossover: Codename Bakery Cover

This section is for a friend of ours, who's eagerly awaiting for Codename Bakery. Floor's all yours, Ferrari.

Not Girls' Frontline related, but also not entirely unrelated: The cover on main page of GFL since April 3rd is Jetufy from Codename Bakery.


Happy Ferrari Noises

Tinfoil Hat Section

1: blah blah LS and eos when?? zls and eos at earliest in Q2, LS at earliest in Q3
2: follow-up from previous, summer or LS first? LS before summer event
3: Pirate batch this year? Looks amazing!! probably due to no new dolls (take with giant grain of doubt, we still don't have detective batch)
4: Urban Fashion batch when?? we're renaming it Cocktail Life, together with anniv batch (so.. I guess with Anniv?)
5: Detective batch when?? see previous answer (that doesn't answer ANYTHING???)
6: index doll tl finally being done??? almost done, need proofread
7: new doll batch on foreign this year? likely in q3
8: are you rushing eos before Ls because of BP reasons? some answer that... doesn't answer anything
9: why are we getting eos first, won't that ruin story? supposedly not gonna ruin any story and want to put powerful doll batch before major event (keep in mind, the issue with JP vs EN here is that JP is seemingly getting this before FP, and eos spoils the FP ending)
10: blah blah new foreign major event late this year? likely (they better not give us another PR->FP situation here... I swear to chicken noodles)
11: LS Q3, Suomi in Q2?? no (I swear if they put another pair of mod batches less than a month apart....)
12: Webley farmable?? noted (VARZ WHY DIDN'T YOU ASK ABOUT 338!!! (turns out varz did ask about 338, it's just Webley favoritism))

question 1 also included a mention of "other projects" that the tl team was working on, this was answered outside qna:

Meanwhile Twitter:

ZLS collab when?

Soon (haha have early June, who cares)

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