Monthly Roadmap: August 2022

New T-Doll batch *3

The silhouette on Roadmap belongs to SCR (not to be confused with S-ACR)

The other two T-Dolls are likely to be MPK and MPL.

Look forward to our analyses on them!

New Gacha Skin

At last, furry batch is here!

Mars, it's time. You have a promise to keep. Time to live up to your nickname of Warmongering rioter EN correspondent 

As I promised, I shall write an essay on each one of them, for the sake of watching everyone mald.

White Rabbit in the Wild



Snowfall in the Alley



Food Thief's Righteousness



Coyote Blues



Invincible Golden Tornado



Bingo Event

This month we're having a Bingo event, rewarding us one of the Furry Skins.

As usual, Bingo events consist of doing up to 9 Daily quests to exchange them for key cards. Those cards are used to draw random numbers on the bingo board, with repeated numbers drawn awarding 10 points. Every 100 points can be exchanged for a Targeted Draw, which lets you select a number.

Commanders are highly recommended to store those points until they can complete the board with only them, as this way will net more spare Key Cards. Each Key Card is converted to 5 Calibration tickets.

Commanders need to complete 8 lines in order to get 9A's furry skin (shown below).

A Loyal Friend's Company



Point Event

Later this month we'll also have a Point Event, awarding T-Doll TS12 Space Skin, which is also being released in foreign (will we get their gacha banner? Who knows)

To acquire her, Commanders need to accumulate 1800 Points by completing the Event quests. Each week unlocks a new set of quests, up to 3 sets, which are not retroactive.

SF Ringleader rerun

This month we're not getting any new SF Ringleaders, instead, we're having a Hunter rerun. ("we're not releasing new ringleaders during events", so they said. Guess the intern flipped Sharki and Hunter rerun schedules on accident).

If you're wondering why we're not having Executioner being rerun (since Scarecrow is rerunning alongside Sharkitect), it's likely because they reran her back when DR was released. And Hunter was the next Ringleader to be released.

For more information on Hunter, check out her analysis:

Awaugery Dinergate Rant Sum up

Discord QA:
Do we get full space themed banner with TS12 event? Wait for them to reveal such on foreign, we're not permitted to spoil stuff foreign doesn't have
Theater this year? Before 3.01
What? EN didn't like that JP gets anniv banner but EN doesn't? uhhh quick do PR bandaid! OCTOBER! That's EN anniv right?
AW+? AW+ will not be coming after all, because it's old as fuck and they need to rework it entirely. Hornet's Nest will be new rerun (Singu+)
AW+ will get a remake, but hasn't been decided on (possible AW campaign rerun? interesting)
3.01: aiming for this year (lul yeah right)
PR supposed to come before 3.01, blah blah covid delays (one of them is not coming this year, Mica plz you can't schedule for shit don't even try)

Twitter QA:
sound volume slider supposedly not working for dialogue sounds? forward to devs
blah blah music bug? send it to Customer Support
aug rerun reeee+?!?! most skins will get rerun at appropriate times yes
NEW TDOLLS IN AUGUST?!! fucking look at the fucking roadmap gdi
keep ms login reee!! no, it will change when new gacha comes as usual
beak was ignored, as usual (because she's not on foreign, some questions are so damn stupid)

... are you serious? that was it?! You chose THOSE questions?!

Tinfoil Hat Section

A rather short Tinfoil Hat Section this time, since Twitter QA was so pepega that one of the questions they answered was confirmed we'd have a T-DOll batch in August...


While Adam is busy malding at Twitter's all time high pepeganess, lemme finish this section:

  • AW+ was scrapped because none of the devs that worked on that code are around, so nobody knows how it works (did mica team rotate that much since the OG run on CN 4 years ago?)
  • That said, the first ranking rerun will be Singu+ (What happened to Cube and Deep Dive???)
  • Theater S8 before Client 3.01 (Are we just skipping 3.00??)
  • Mica realised that not giving us SF freebies on anni was a bad PR choice, thank you all for being vocal about it
  • PR (Poincare Recurrence) event supposedly comes out before client 3.01, but both have been delayed by covid (...really?)
  • Lastly, so much talk about 3.01, but when it's coming? Hopefully this year (insert large amounts of copium and hopium)
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