Slow Shock - F3 The Black Square UX (e3-1ux)

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Occupy All Heliports

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

  • Dummy Echelon w/ Parachute Fairy
  • Scarecrow

Clear Steps

This map requires us to cap all the red helis (there are 6 of them), which start spawning units on turn 2. As such, we wanna finish on turn 2.

With some Alert abuse, a single Parachute and a combat ready Scarecrow, this is a breeze. I only used Scarecrow alone here to showcase how low the requirements are, but you should obviously put in extra units yourself.

The Para Fairy is redeployed on turn 2 to refresh the cooldown, allowing us to finish up with barely any combat.

Parachute is free from Career Quests and it is expected that every player has one: 

Video Guides:

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