Slow Shock - F9 The Gun Salute UX (e3-3ux)

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Missions and Clear Conditions


Kill Morridow


Get Dandelion to Morridow

Clear Guide:

Team Recommendations: 

Kill Morridow:

  • 1 Combat Echelon w/ Parachute Fairy
    • Endgame team, high requirements
    • HGs recommended, AR/RF/MG not recommended
    • Fights Morridow.


Reach Morridow:

  • 1 Combat Echelon
    • Low Requirements
    • RFHG with SG tank recommended
  • 1 Dummy Echelon

Clear Steps

Kill Morridow:

If you have an Echelon that can kill the fight before the boss and the boss, you can simply do this. Quick and easy. I pass 2 turns in order to get rid of the Para debuff here.

Remember that Morridow summons infinite Snytos if you have any RF/AR/MG Dolls in the Echelon. As such, a Deagle/Python Echelon is much safer.

However, Deagle's targeting is absolutely ass for the fight before Morridow, as she tries to kill the Technicians in the back rather than the Paradogs reducing their damage taken by 65% EACH. As such, you will need to rely on Python to kill at least 1 dog, as well as enough buffs to let Deagle finish up.

These requirements are rather high, so there's a separate extremely low requirement version of this.

Reach Morridow:

Dandelion is incredibly strong here, but she cannot deal with the Nyto enemies. As such, we need to escort her to the boss.

The deathstack might seem a bit rough at first, but the only things that can even be a threat to her are the Hannibals, and they die first anyway. Yay 90% stat reduction debuffs!

The Echelon used is a SG (any SG with Flash, or M26-Mass) to tank the other Nytos, Shield Fairy to enable fighting the Doppels, though Grape would also solve that issue, a Bamboo to kill Snytos (any Bamboo would work here provided they can one-shot the Snytos, Springfield is obviously one of the worst options, you should save the Nyto team and test yourself to make sure it will work, M200, Karmod, NTWmod etc are much better options).

My Echelon here is very weak, but with a good Fairy. If your Equipment is enhanced and you have Skilled up your Dolls (which I haven't here, at all) this shouldn't be an issue.

Once Dande reaches the boss, you win!

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