VA-11 HALL-A Collab 1-8EX: The Last Rain in the World EX

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First Clear Rewards

Elite Adventure Medal and Wall Decoration

Possible Drops

Missions and Clear Conditions

Mission: Eliminate enemy boss

S Rank Clear Conditions: Obtain victory within 7 turns and have allied echelons eliminate 6 enemy targets

Clear Guide

Team Recommendations

1 Night Ready ARSMG echelon(Once more, this is an echelon where the ARs have PEQs equipped and it's either 3ARs, 1HG, and 1SMG or 2ARs, 1HG, and 2SMGs)

Clear Steps

The below video game will simply let the boss come to them as defeating them is not exceptionally hard, and is much quicker than running an echelon from the bottom left to the boss.

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