VA-11 HALL-A Stage Clear Guides

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Stage Clear Guides

Know Your Enemies

The VA-11 HALL-A collab introduces a few new enemies to the game! While some are similar to previous enemies and others are upgraded versions, it always helps to know your enemy!

White Knights

Enemy Skills Description



A standard enemy similar to a Vespid. Low damage units that can semi consistently hit your units.



Armored enemy that moves at a normal speed. Once in range, does a long wind up, then leaps to the closest T-Doll and launches a laser that damages the entire row the T-Doll is in. Easily dodged, but annoying to deal with over long stretches of time.


Missile Barrage

Slow moving heavily armored enemy, once in range, fires a barrage of missiles at marked areas for huge amounts of damage. Extremely dangerous if not dealt with in a timely manner. (Commonly referred to as "Gundams" in the community due to their appearance. Thus, many guides will refer to them as Gundams.)



An armored tank. Moves quite slow. Once in range, targets two tiles in front of itself then fires for large amounts of damage.

New Mechanics

This Valhalla rerun has enemies with Force Shields, which require Piercing HOCs to break through them. For more details on HOCs, how to level them, and how they work, please refer to the guides below