What's New in GFL: Bingo Event & Mystery Crate Reveal

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Key Card/Bingo Event: Dessert Vanguard

Commanders who are concerned about downtime need not worry, for the Key Card Event added in the last maintenance has gone live as of Saturday, September 28th.

This event features daily randomly generated quests to keep any active players quite busy for the next three weeks. For more information, please check out the guide linked above.

Autumn Special Log-In Event

Remember that mysterious red crate shown in the October Roadmap next to “Autumn Special Log-In Event”? The Chinese server has finally revealed exactly what it is, and it seems that the crate itself is the reward, with plenty of desirable goodies and rare T-Dolls inside. 

The milestone reward this time is a Special Equipment for Type 97/95, an optical sight that provides 5 Damage on top of the normal 48% Crit Rate, further improving the daytime performance of these two T-Dolls who are already fairly strong. 

2019 CN Server Halloween Login Event Banner

For a week, Commanders can log in to receive 1001 of each resource plus 20 red crates daily. Players who have opened event crates during Arctic Warfare and Deep Dive will already be familiar with this mechanic: simply navigate to the Event tab, and crack open the boxes. 

(Whether or not the x1 or x10 option is selected, it makes no difference to the rate of rare items dropped per crate.)

Image of a 10x pull from the Autumn Special Login Event crates

Most of the time, crates contain a small amount of resources. If the Commander is lucky, they may obtain useful items like Batteries, Calibration Tickets, Training Data, and the rare T-Doll or special reward. 

One copy of Type 97/95’s Special Equipment is guaranteed after opening 100 crates, which is reachable by logging in for at least 5 days during the 7-day log-in period.

(Since QBU-88 is not yet released on the EN server, MICA Team has confirmed in the October Q&A that she will be replaced with another T-Doll. The rest of the pool is likely to remain identical.)

10/14 Update: The official maintenance notes have revealed the five T-Dolls that will be in the crates: 

Monthly Log-In Reward

The October monthly login reward is T65, a 3★ AR with the same Annihilation Focus N skill that T91 has.

While T65 might be small and adorable, she can dish out damage comparable to 9A-91 in night battles, far exceeding that of most self-buffing ARs including even 5★ units like G41. While her full analysis will be posted later, commanders should know that T65 is one of those rare few monthly login T-Dolls players absolutely do not want to miss.

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