Agartha - Tier List Change Log

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Note: The Tier placements are visible on the profile, but not the Tier List yet, will try to have it fixed as soon as possible.

After a stretch of reruns and bullying raid grinding, Agartha at last brings us a new batch of Servants to rank. Next to their assessments, we also had a few discussions on some of the older Servants (we have some new eyes among us after all), which resulted in a number of changes as well. 

However, on the infrastructure side, we have some larger news to share. You may have noticed the look of the Tier List change a little bit, as we now have a new list of features we can implement. The biggest feature, one we intend to launch with the next Tier List Change Log (around Anniversary), is that we can add arrows indicating future movement up and down the Tier List based on future Rank Ups and Interludes (or merely the presence of a certain Quick Support). 

An example of a Servant who will very clearly improve in the future would be Paracelsus, with a massive buff to his Guts skill. Since we can add as many arrows as we like, we want it to be much more clear why someone like Paracelsus is a good investment for next year. But this works in reverse as well, someone who we know ages poorly, will receive an arrow pointing downwards. 

In any case, if you have thoughts, feedback or ideas you would like to share on the (upcoming) changes, feel free to drop a comment on the Change Log discussion thread

1-3 Star Tier List Changes

Placed into Tier 4:

An AoE Noble Phantasm with an NP charge is a good combination for any Servant, and Rider of Resistance does have some decent buffs to empower his NP further. Unfortunately, this is where his good points end. All of his stats are particularly lackluster in comparison to most of his competitors, which is further aggravated by his poor availability in terms of unlocking multiple copies. In fact, he won’t even have a banner during his initial release, forcing Master to gamble on the story gacha. We believe that while Rider of Resistance may find some use with lucky Masters, his overall performance is too lacking at a lower NP level compared to the more readily available AoE Riders that all Masters have access to, thus placing him in Tier 4.

Moved to Tier 4:

Fuuma Kotarou has one thing he is absolutely best at among the low rarity Servants: actively generating Critical Stars via his high hit counts and NP. His targetable Evasion is a nice boon as well, but the core problem is that spending time to generate stars is not powerful in and of itself. Often it is best to have one’s supports or CEs make those for you instead via passive star generation. With no power to his damage, even once his NP Interlude arrives, Fuuma isn’t useful often enough to qualify for Tier 3, and is placed into Tier 4.

4 Star Tier List Changes

Placed into Tier 2:

There are not many Berserkers that have both a plethora of offensive buffs and an NP battery on top of that. With incredible attack stats to make use of those tools, Berserker of El Dorado will hit harder than most of her SR competitors either through her devastating Noble Phantasm, or her painful Buster Brave Chains. With some additional niche applicability in Debuff Immunity and a massive damage boost to Male Greek Mythological figures, she can even find some additional use in more challenging content. While her frailty is a well-known issue, we think that this demerit can be worked around fairly easily. Thus we decided to put her into Tier 2 to reflect the brutality of her rage.

Placed into Tier 3:

Assassin of the Nightless City has many good upsides to her offensive game and is a rare capable buffer for Quick-oriented set ups. She is, on the other hand, quite a high-maintenance Servant where a lot of effort and support is needed to make full use of all the steroids inherent in her kit. Add in the inconsistency of Imperial Privilege and her mediocre Star / NP generation, and she fits well in the definition of a Tier 3 Servant at the moment. Yet, the future buff to her Noble Phantasm will probably shake things up in her favor later.

Moved to Tier 2:

During his release, we held back a little too much when it came to the applicability of his anti-Evil niche. With great bases across the board and a flexible, easy to use skill set, he stands above his ST competition especially against any Evil targets. Vlad is a great all-rounder and his Tier 2 placement should reflect that.

Moved to Tier 3:

With competition ever-increasing among Assassins, some of our older Servant placements don’t hold their own as well as others. Carmilla was/is always an excellent starter Servant, with amazing NP Gain and a nice skill set to go with it. She even has compatibility with a certain fluffy Caster for her NP. But, the damage of her NP, even with the (relatively small) anti-female bonus is simply not strong enough compared to the other Servants in Tier 2 especially given her deck’s fragmented card typing. She will receive an upgrade to her NP to push her back into relevance next year, but for now, she will fit better in Tier 3.

Moved to Tier 3:

Saber Alter’s movement is rather overdue, with her one-dimensional skill set having peaked last year. She still has the best AoE NP damage available among her SR Saber competition, and she ranks among the top overall for her rarity, but she lacks the tools to do much more. Her high base attack covers much of her flaws, but she is a better fit for Tier 3 with perhaps more movement in store in the future as competition tightens.

Moved to Tier 3:

While coming off the high of potentially one-turning Ushi Gozen in the Onigashima Event, Oda Nobunaga’s skill set leaves a lot to be desired for a Tier 2 Servant even with the free welfare NP Upgrades. Her anti-trait bonuses are very rarely both applicable, and her NP Damage without them is sorely lacking. Even a single trait bonus is barely enough to be competitive pick in terms of NP Damage. Add in her rather mediocre NP Gain and she is more fit to be a Tier 3 Servant - mainly by virtue of her still amazing Critical potential.

5 Star Tier List Changes

Placed into Tier 5:

At launch, Caster of the Nightless City has a severely niche skill set that, while covering a vast amount of enemies, does not justify her pitiful Attack stats and otherwise situational skill set. Furthermore, she is in an incredibly crowded role, in a class that further aggravates her offensive woes. Our consensus is that Caster of the Nightless City only truly becomes a nice Servant after she receives the future buffs that massively improve her damage and Challenge Quest potency. However, she is too lackluster outside of her niche to warrant a higher tier, hence Tier 5 is where she will make her bedchamber, for now.

Tier Explanations

The explanation button on the Tier List brings up a personalized explanation on why we placed a Servant in the Tier that they are in. For the Agartha release we added the following Tier List Explantions:

Amongst the populated AoE Caster role, Caster of the Nightless City does hold a specific niche in countering enemies with the “King” trait. Coupled with her strong NP refund potential and Challenge Quest-focused skill set, she is supposed to handle AoE Challenge Quests especially well. Unfortunately, at release, her pitiful base stats, and poorly fit together skill set drag her usability down immensely in general situations, as her damage is simply too poor to make use of her NP refund while her utility does not hold together well yet.

All is not lost for this thanatophobic Caster, as she receives multiple buffs in the future that vastly improve her overall firepower and actually unlocks what she is supposed to be good at.

Even with fierce competition from other Berserkers, Berserker of El Dorado stands out with a strong combination of offensive steroids, NP battery, team support, and even debuff immunity. Furthermore, her simple but clear and destructive gameplay allows her to fit in very well into most Buster composition, and work well even on her own. While her biggest flaw - Survivability - is quite magnified by her lack of defensive option and Berserker inherent frailty, it is not difficult to work around with proper supports and team building.

All in all, Berserker of El Dorado is a strong, well-designed representative of the Berserker’s “Offense is the Best Defense” Philosophy.

The Empress’s high-maintenance personality is well translated into her gameplay, featuring relatively good damage potential and strong team support capacity, particularly in the elusive Quick support category. While Assassin of the Nightless City’s skills are simple and effective, her game plan is often more selfish, as she requires constant attention from Masters and teammates to function at her utmost capacity, especially given her mediocre generation performance.

While the Empress herself may not be a true powerhouse as of right now, she receives a much-needed upgrade to her Noble Phantasm in the future, bringing her closer to top tier Assassin options.

Rider of Resistance certainly has some nifty tools, including an ever useful 30% NP charge and a combination of the holy trinity of damage buffs for his AoE Noble Phantasm: Card Performance Up, Attack Up, and NP Damage Up buffs. Sadly, this unrepentant man of action is lackluster at everything else other than firing off his Noble Phantasm, mainly due to his difficulty in getting a high NP level (story-locked) and lackluster base stats. As a result, Rider of Resistance pales in comparison to more accessible AoE Riders of the same or lower rarity.