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Article by Hakurai


Welcome to Clairvoyance Radio, where we tell you--

*Fou Kick!*

Cath Palug, why must you get stuck to my face? Babylon's already out, didn't you hear?

What? Then what use is our clairvoyance?

We use the power of 20/20 hindsight instead! We must make sure we aren't made redundant!

Challenge Scouting

(Warning: This section has spoilers)

Similar to Camelot, there are a few stages of notable difficulty or gimmick. In this chapter, sometimes choices will actually matter in fights.

The first major challenge is Chapter 12-4. For an easier fight, don't come to an understanding. Bringing servants like Jack, Carmilla, or Heracles would be highly suggested.

Chapter 14 is essentially the Ereshkigal Dating Simulator, where picking the option that favors her tends to do you favors. Especially if you'd rather fight a ruler instead of an avenger.

Beware of Chapter 18-1 and 18-2. This will be pretty much a damage rush versus a Berserker Ushiwakamaru, so bring as many strong AoE servants as possible. Strong Sabers will work well for 18-1, while Gilgamesh (Archer) would be great for 18-2!

Although I resent that fool, I must admit that my Archer version will also fare well against the special cloning enemy in 20-5.

You know, they're really hammering down on the Ushiwakamaru bullying.

New Servants

Enough about that, let's take a look at the Servants of the singularity, beginning with me!

Servant Class Thoughts

Gilgamesh (Caster)
As the wise king of Babylon, I am a fantastic offensive support hybrid with notable teamwide star generation, Arts performance, and defense up on NP. I'm especially strong in Arts Crits teams. Just don't overwork me.

Ah, the fateful reunion must wait. Enkidu has an odd kit, as they are decent at generating stars with their triple Quick deck, have a guaranteed stun against divine enemies on their NP and a Buster Mana Burst with an additional random Arts or Quick buffs. On the other hand, they have low attack, an abnormally high heal on an abnormally high cooldown, and no hard survivability until a future Rank Up quest.

Medusa (Lancer)
This young idol has value as a charm/stall Servant, but otherwise is a Quick Servant with no Quick bonuses and poor Quick cards. She's quite charming, though.

Oho, here is where our clairvoyance shines! As usual, there is a part 2 gacha with the story-locked Servants!

But if it's usual, can't people predict it as normal?

Look here, who has clairvoyance, normal people, or us? Come on, act surprised with me. Behold, the part two Servants!

Servant Class Thoughts

Jaguar Warrior
This warrior cat hits hard highs with her Buster NP and Crit potential, but suffers lows from a high important skill CD, and terrain dependent effects. Overall, Jaguar Warrior is pretty strong!

Although Gorgon has some similarities to her rider self in both her skills and AoE NP, as an Avenger she packs a balanced Arts/Buster deck and Buster NP. She has fantastic critical potential but lacks the star weight to consistently take advantage of it.

Should I call her Lucoa? This Lucha Libre Goddess packs strong offense in both her Buster Crits and her NP, with all the right tools to enable them. Definitely one of the strongest characters of this singularity.

New Craft Essences

So these craft essences will be added to the permanent gacha. Why are they all related to Fate/Extra?

It's preparation for CCC, obviously! It will be my pleasure to explain them.

Craft Essence Thoughts

Devilish Bodhisattva
This is a pretty unique CE, and useful on servants who have strong overcharge effects. Just remember that the overcharge only happens once, so it's better for one-time use situations, or kickstarting certain NP chains. Time to equip it on Andersen or Jekyll.

Room Guard
This is a sidegrade to Sealing Designation Enforcer that trades some star weight for flat damage reduction. On non-avengers it's pretty solid, and the extra damage reduction is just 100 less than Zhuge Liang's buff at Max Limit Break.

Seeker of Miracles
This religious man provides a solid 15% NP damage buff to divine servants, making it a decent budget version of Angel's Poem if limit broken.

New Materials and Farming Spots

As usual, new materials can be found in this singularity. Welcome to another artificially created material hell. I guess we're all subject to the whims of the dev gods.

Let's look at them.

Material Where to Farm Thoughts

Cursed Beast Gallstone

Mount Ebih: Trembling Holy Mountain
Wait, this is a gallstone? I always thought it was a brain. Well, these tend to drop from Demon Boar type enemies.

Primordial Lanugo

Temple of Fresh Blood: Formenting Mountain
These things tend to drop from these lion-looking creatures called Ugallu. Nasty guys. We also don't fare well against them due to their Rider class.

Deadly Poisonous Needle

Field of Reeds: Good Harvest Prayer
I always thought this was an antenna, but there's no antenna on the dinosaur-looking Mushussu enemies these come from. They're Lancers and have an annoying on-hit poison effect.

To top that off, Babylon also introduces a few great place to farm materials. You can find them here:

That seems to be all there is for now. Enjoy Babylonia! For more in depth information, please check out our other guides!

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