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Hello Friends! The latest update of Touhou LostWord comes with the start of a campaign unique to the Global version of LostWord: the Main Story Clear Campaign! For newer players, these events will be an opportunity to pick up some extra rewards while making progress during the main story. Returning players can also reap some new goodies if higher difficulties were not completed before, or even just get some bonuses if everything is already completed! Here is a quick look at the requirements for this campaign, as well as the rewards gained from the new tasks.

Main Story Clear Campaign Requirements

As expected, the Main Story Clear Campaign requires you to...clear the Main Story levels. To be more specific, you need to clear certain stages of each of the corresponding story episodes. For the case of Chapter 2 (both Acts 1 and 2), this means completing Episodes 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7. Each of these stages are 1 Wave stages, focused on facing a boss character. 

There are rewards for clearing these stages on Normal, Hard, and Lunatic difficulty, so don't forget to complete the tasks on all difficulties! Every difficulty still requires clearing the same stages, which are as follows:

Standing Behind You Pt. 2 (2-1-1)
Thus Spoke the Mooch Pt. 2 (2-3-6)
Maid in Service Pt. 1 (2-4-1)
Sleeping Dragon Pt. 3 (2-5-11)
Return of the Shrine Maiden Pt. 1 (2-7-1)

There is only a month to complete and collect the rewards of these tasks: until 2/18 23:59 UTC, to be precise. Climb up the Scarlet Devil Tower and clear these stages before it's too late!

Main Story Clear Campaign Rewards

The rewards for clearing the Main Story Clear Campaign tasks follow a simple pattern. Every task rewards the player with 1 Seal Crystal, as well as some superior incense (2 on Normal, 3 on Hard, and 5 on Lunatic). 2-7-1 is the most unique, fitting for the final challenge, rewarding 2 types of superior incense on all difficulties along with a Guaranteed Friend Ritual on Normal and Story Card Ritual on Lunatic. 

In total, clearing all of these tasks provide you with 15 Seal Crystals, 1 Guaranteed Friend Ritual and Story Card Ritual, and 10 of each superior incense (except for Superior Kyara, which you get 15!). The table below shows the specific quest rewards for each stage and difficulty.

Stage Completed Normal Rewards Hard Rewards Lunatic Rewards
2-1-1 1 Seal Crystal, 2 Superior Makana 1 Seal Crystal, 3 Superior Makana 1 Seal Crystal, 5 Superior Makana
2-3-6 1 Seal Crystal, 2 Superior Sumotara 1 Seal Crystal, 3 Superior Sumotara 1 Seal Crystal, 5 Superior Sumotara
2-4-1 1 Seal Crystal, 2 Superior Rakoku 1 Seal Crystal, 3 Superior Kyara 1 Seal Crystal, 5 Superior Kyara
2-5-11 1 Seal Crystal, 2 Superior Manaban 1 Seal Crystal, 3 Superior Sasora 1 Seal Crystal, 5 Superior Rakoku and Superior Manaban
2-7-1 1 Seal Crystal, 2 Superior Kyara and Superior Sasora, Guaranteed Friend Ritual 1 Seal Crystal, 3 Superior Rakoku and Superior Manaban 1 Seal Crystal, 5 Superior Kyara and Superior Sasora, Story Card Ritual

x3 Drop Rate for Main Story Chapter 2

An increased drop rate only means one thing for the Witch of Scarlet Dreams...

As an additional bonus, the runtime of the Main Story Clear Campaign comes with an extra x3 Drop Rate for every stage of Chapter 2: Scarlet Devil Tower! This will allow you to gain even more tiles and scrolls while clearing stages for the campaign or grind for more drops if you have already completed the campaign. The most beneficial use of this increased rate would be to grind for the 5* Story Card The Witch of Scarlet Dreams, a rare drop from 2-7-1 on Lunatic. 

For a guide specific for farming or just clearing this stage once on Lunatic difficulty, take a look at this helpful guide here. Do keep in mind that the x3 Drop Rate will last for a shorter period than the campaign itself; ending at 1/28 1:59 UTC

Friend and Story Card Ritual Updates!

An excited Kokoro joins the standard Friend pool.

Even for players who have already obtained every general Friend previously in the friend pool, they can look forward to gaining the Guaranteed Friend Ritual and Story Card Ritual thanks to the Ritual pool updates! Rin Kaenbyou, Lunasa Prismriver, Merlin Prismriver, Lyrica Prismriver, Komachi Onozuka, Hata no Kokoro, Hina Kagiyama are all now available on the Guaranteed Friend Ritual Pool, along with Protection of Cerpinus, Dark Mastermind?, Mega Flare, Solo Act, Congress of Sages, Test Freeze, The Mansion’s Two Beauties, and Waiting in Comfort joining the Story Card Ritual Pool. For more details on these Friends and Story Cards, refer to the links below.

These Friends and Story Cards are also available to be pulled from the general pool. Take advantage of this chance to obtain more Friends or cards!

Comeback & Starter Login Bonus

If the above Main Story Clear Campaign wasn't compelling enough for newer players to join or older players to return, the Comeback & Starter Login Bonus returns to benefit newcomers and returning players that have not logged in for at least 14 days! The helpful rewards are as follows:

Day 1: 1 Guaranteed Friend Ritual
Day 2: 20 Seal Crystal
Day 3: 1 Paper Doll
Day 4: 20 Fortune Dust
Day 5: 30 Seal Crystal
Day 6: 10 Dragon Scroll (3)
Day 7: 1 Guaranteed Friend Ritual
Day 8: 30,000 Coins
Day 9: 1 Paper Doll
Day 10: 50 Seal Crystal

The Comeback & Starter Login Bonus will last as long as the Main Story Clear Campaign, ending 2/18 at 23:59 UTC. This means new or returning players have almost a month to take advantage of these limited rewards. You wouldn't disappoint Yukari and skip out on these gifts, would you?

Patchouli and Alice Fantasy Rebirths

Finally, the Mirror of Rebirth Stages have been added for Alice Margatroid and Patchouli Knowledge! Be sure to complete the stages to unlock their hidden potential, and if you have an extra Ring of Fate lying around, unlock their beautiful new costumes!

There will be a login bonus providing free Mirrors of Rebirth over the next few days to provide players a small head-start on completing their Fantasy Rebirths.

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