Dev Letter #7 Recap

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Hi Friends! The festivities for the new year may be over, but that doesn't mean Phantasma and Caroline are lacking in news regarding the future of Touhou LostWord! Use this article as an overview of everything new that was announced for the near future, but don't hesitate to give the whole letter a watch above when you have the time. There's a lot more heart in the video than a small summary like this can capture.

New Friends

The Hifuu LostWord version of Sakuya Izayoi, Servant, has been announced to be released after the 1/28 maintenance! With that, all of the initial protagonists seen in Hifuu LostWord have been released, outside of a mechanical bunny. Later on, it was shown that Mai Teiredia and Satono Nishida will run alongside Sakuya, although there were no videos for them yet. Shrouded in mystery, just like their master.

Oni, Maids, and Chocolate

The newest event for LostWord will begin 1/28 and run until 2/10, along with its Extra stages starting on 2/4! It's a return to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, alongside a the oni maid Suika Ibuki, oni maid Yuugi Hoshiguma, and the definitely-not-oni maid Kasen Ibaraki. Suika seems to be friendly with all of the chocolates...but what's up with Yuugi and Kasen's weapons?

Along with Suika, Yuugi, and Kasen's maid costumes are new event costumes for Remilia Scarlet and Patchouli Knowledge, shown below! Glasses do a lot to make an outfit stand out, in my opinion.

Chapter 3 Act 3 Coming Soon!

The third act for Main Story Chapter 3 is expected to be released on 2/10, so we can finally see where the mysterious world of the Hakugyoku Arena goes next! Mechanical adventures on the Moon are interesting and all, but I'm a bit relieved to finally see a continuation of another suspenseful storyline.

Along with the announcement came the reveal of the effects of the 4* and 5* story cards. We might not know the art or story of the story card, but at least we know it's a card.

New Fantasy Rebirth

Two new Fantasy Rebirths have been shown to be released 2/18: Hong Meiling and Sakuya Izayoi! Personally, Meiling's costume is very nice but I have to pick Sakuya's mix of white and blue as my favorite. Look forward to getting mirrors from their respective stages and login bonuses by then to make them even stronger!

Including Meiling and Sakuya ends up with 12 total Fantasy Rebirths released in LostWord Global so far!

100 Floors of Scarlet Devil Tower

Sometime in February will come the 91st-100th floors of Scarlet Devil Tower, meaning a grand total of 4 Divine Paper Dolls can be collected from completing this tricky tower's floorplans. There's actually a lot of goodies that can be found on the floors highlighted by this handy image used during the Dev Letter. Don't sleep on these rewards!

Future Main Story Campaigns

The first part of the Main Story Clear Campaign has been out for a few days now, tasking players to complete significant sections of Chapter 2 Acts 1 and 2 of the main story for Seal Crystals, superior incense, and other extra rewards. There was also a x3 Drop Rate on every Chapter 2 stage, which will sadly end on 1/28. For more information on this campaign and other 1/21 updates discussed in the Dev Letter, check here.

Parts 2 and 3 will follow the pattern already established, this time revolving around Chapter 3 Acts 1 and 2 respectively. Just like before, task rewards will be based on clearing stages while there will be a limited time to take advantage of a x3 Drop Rate for each Act. This is the best time to try grabbing the exclusive Story Cards at the end of both Acts, most notably the 50% bullet buffs from their Lunatic difficulty cards. You can read up on them below if you don't believe me.

Login and Campaign Overview

The end of the Dev Letter used these stylish graph of bars to illustrate the rundown of Main Story Clear Campaigns, login bonuses, and more that will occur throughout February. Feel free to use this image as a reference for the coming month, though keep in mind this is not final, as the bottom left states.

Most notably is the Divine Paper Doll that will be available for all players through February login bonuses, so don't forget to login daily for your rainbow piece of paper! Additionally, the x2 Errand Drops is a first for LostWord Global, which will double the items obtained from errands instead of experience. Any chance of doubling those errand crystals is a very welcome one.

What are you most excited about from Dev Letter #7?



What are you most excited about from the Dev Letter #7?

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