Should You Pull? 1st Anniversary Festival Collection

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Should You Pull?

A definite Yes. This special prayer, currently debuting for LostWord Global’s 1st Anniversary, is an event that offers something for almost everyone. But before going into detail on that, let’s look into what exactly this entails. Every 48 hours, for the next 3 and a half weeks, there will be a rotation of 4 different pairs of Festival Friends. These rotations will begin at the start of the UTC day, or daily reset, and end at the end of the next day. The specific times, as well as who is on each rotation, can be found on the table below.

Rotation 1: Yuuka and Hecatia Rotation 2: Tenshi and Iku Rotation 3: Toyohime and Sagume Rotation 4: Satori and Koishi
4/28 8:00 to 4/30 23:59 UTC 5/1 0:00 to 4/29 5/2 UTC 5/3 0:00 to 5/4 23:59 UTC 5/5 0:00 to ⅚ 23:59 UTC
5/7 0:00 to 5/8 23:59 UTC 5/9 0:00 to 5/10 23:59 UTC 5/11 0:00 to 5/12 23:59 UTC 5/13 0:00 to 5/14 23:59 UTC
5/15 0:00 to 5/16 23:59 UTC 5/17 0:00 to 5/18 23:59 UTC 5/19 0:00 to 5/20 23:59 UTC 5/21 0:00 to 5/22 23:59 UTC

Clearly, all of these rotations have their own benefits thanks to their featured Friends, which will be discussed below. While none of them might challenge the meta-levels of E9 Remilia Scarlet, Z1 Marisa Kirisame, and R2 Yuyuko Saigyouji or even the rarity of A6 Sakuya Izayoi and A9 Aya Shameimaru, but it’s the constant availability of all 8 of these Friends that help even this out. Not to mention this last but very important detail…

Each rotation will run with Ascending God Crystal Step-UP, meaning 60 God Crystals for one 10-pull, then future steps costing 100 more GC (60, 160, 260, 360, 460). This is already a pretty efficient way to slightly dip into a prayer, try for a featured Friend, and at least get some Fortune Dust if you miss the Friend. However, this is made doubly effective thanks to the double Fortune Dust for every God Crystal pull. And speaking of multipliers, every rotation has their own God Crystal Step-UP, meaning that this prayer overall will have 12 Ascending Step-UPs, 12 60 God Crystal initial pulls, and 20*12=240 easy Fortune Dust to pick up upon using all 60 GC steps! Of course, you might not want to pull on every Step-UP, but this nevertheless is an easy way to pick up Fortune Dust for a Divine Paper Doll or Ring of Fate.

Since every Friend featured is a Festival Friend, every featured Friend costs 150 Exchange Points to exchange for. Along with the refreshed Step-UPs, Exchange Points are retained throughout the entire Festival Collection runtime. This means that you can pull a lot on one rotation (or build up Exchange Points from the 60 GC Step-UPs…) and then use your extra Exchange Points to exchange for another Friend on a different rotation! With an easy way to collect Fortune Dust, a wide array of viable Festival Friends, and a very long duration in general, this is definitely one of the best special prayers of LostWord’s runtime.

Quick Overview

+ Very high and front-loaded damage which partially ignores elemental resistances
+ Both Spell Cards are All targeting, useful in farming and Arena alike
- Minimal utility
- Poor Breaks

+ Extremely high Turn 1 damage as well as set up damage
+ Good set of elemental access with Moon and Star being the predominant ones
+ Self-inflicts anomalies which allows her to counter fights which inflict anomalies
+ Great spread of Killer bullets with Anti Gensokyo
- No notable utility
- Full auto will gimp her damage

+ P0 Earth on her Focus Shot
+ Incredible damage output, including a All-targeting Last Word great for farming events
- Selfish attacker; brings no utility
- Breaks are otherwise mediocre and strange

+ P0 Wood/Water breaks on her shots.
+ Powerful AoE and Yang damage
+ Can inflict up to a total of 7 Paralyze Barriers on all foes
+ Last Word possesses 2 levels of 2 Yang DEF DOWN
- Applies Paralyze barriers to her allies
- Weaker in longer fights, where she must spend Barriers to survive and thus cannot benefit from her character ability

+ Good Turn 1 Damage, along with high set-up damage
+ All Spell Cards are Yin Only, allowing her to do damage outside of her Last Word relatively better than other attackers
- No utility; pure damage
- Almost no Breaks

+ Great damage in short and long fights alike
+ Incredible support for Yang attackers
+ Good Accuracy support
- Best Yang DEF DOWN debuff only last one turn
- Mainly a decent Moon breaker, lacking otherwise and lacks Spirit Power gain to take full advantage of

+ Respectable damage turn 1 on a Solo targeting Last Word
+ Slightly above average access to Fire breaks, with both Solo and All access to 1/1/3 Breaks for 0/1/2 Spirit Power
- No team utility
- Somewhat low ceiling on damage

+Respectably powerful Solo-targeting Last Word with good damage when set-up
+Slightly above average access to Water breaks, with both Solo and All access to 1/1/3 Breaks for 0/1/2 Spirit Power
-No team utility
-Requires some setup time to get the most out of her
-Many of her buffs and debuffs rely on bullet line RNG

Rotation Overview

This will be a quick review of each rotation that appears over this Festival Collection. Although there is arguably a “best” rotation to go for, that being Yuuka Kazami and Hecatia Lapislazuli due to their very high tiering, every rotation here has something to offer for new and veteran players alike. Additionally, if you are fully taking advantage of the Step-UP refresh, you will likely end up pulling on each rotation anyway. Why not learn a bit about each chance you are taking?

Rotation 1: Yuuka and Hecatia

As mentioned before, these two are your meta-picks for anyone who is keeping the tier list close to heart. In fact, they are so tier-centric that there is no real lore or story reason these two seem to be paired together, at least when compared to the other rotations present. Instead, these two have bonded over the fact that they are just straight-up good in LostWord! Yuuka is mainly here to dish out major damage, primarily buffing herself and even getting to 3.00 Spirit Power Turn 1 with maxed out skills, and then finally blasting the enemies with the original Master Spark. Though she brings practically nothing in regards to team support or utility, she still remains a very strong pick on power alone. Hecatia comes in to fix that slightly, boasting slightly more teamwide buffs with Yin ATK on a spell. However she is still mainly here for the damage, being one of the top-tier attackers in the game. She can even farm the story card stages Yuuka cannot, if you’re into that.

Rotation 2: Tenshi and Iku

The second-best rotation in this prayer tier-wise, these two Friends have more of a connection due to their involvement in the incident of Touhou 10.5: Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, in which the seasons were heavily out of control. Perhaps they aren’t the most fond of each other, but that will not stop them from being very good Friends! Tenshi falls in a similar spot as Yuuka: devastating damage with almost no team utility. Still, that makes her a crazy Friend when it comes to farming content, and she still holds up when supported in difficult fights. Iku, on the other hand, truly shines in strength thanks to Slicing scaling while still supporting her team! As a youkai based off an oarfish, her team will have to be careful of being shocked and obtaining Paralyze anomalies from her skills, but with Iku’s abilities to inflict Paralyze on foes and break those anomalies just as easily, she is easily one of the best Friends to go for. 

Rotation 3: Toyohime and Sagume

Now these are two Friends that are definitely on better terms, as both of them are Lunarians that take residence in the Lunar Capital. The Lunarian Princess, Toyohime, is an archetype we should be familiar with by now: heavy damage with barely any support for a team. Her damage also falls off if she isn’t landing critical hits from her Killers, but she still remains a good event farmer when prepared properly. As for Sagume, she has a lot more going for her, serving wonderfully as a Yang DEF and Evasion debuffer on all foes to secure kills on your other Yang attackers. Unfortunately, Toyohime’s Last Word is a purely Yin attack, so maybe these two don’t work as well together as it seems…At the very least, Sagume is a decent Moon breaker as well, although her lack of Spirit Power collection can hurt her on this front.

Rotation 4: Satori and Koishi

Finally, we have Friends that are literally sisters, both residing in the Palace of the Earth Spirits within Old Hell. I would have used “Last but not least,” but…unfortunately, these are definitely the worst Friends this prayer on a pure tiering-level. Naturally for siblings, Satori and Koishi do rather similar things, to the point that their elemental breaks mirror each other, being on the same spots with different elements. Satori is a pure debuffer, but unfortunately tries to limit the enemies’ attacking options instead of defensive ones, which does not help other Friends much. Still, she has a rather hard-hitting Last Word when set-up. Koishi has that strong, Solo-target Last Word going for her as well, with an additional niche in self-CRIT buffing to help her do even more damage. With these lackluster effects, however, it is hard to take full advantage of them without having other teammates help them, with the sisters not giving that much in return. 

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