Cresselia Trio Raid Guide

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Tier 5 Raid Boss Guides

Requires specific high level counters or weather boost

HP15,000 ATK131.93 DEF223.57
CP Range
Lvl 20 1555 - 1633 Lvl 25 1944 - 2041

Notable Weather

Boosts Boss's Moves Boosts Counters' Moves
Snow, Windy, Cloudy Fog

Fast Move Difficulty

Move Difficulty
Psycho Cut Easy
Confusion Challenging

Charge Move Difficulty

Move Difficulty
Aurora Beam Easy
Moonblast Intermediate
Future Sight Intermediate


Cresselia returns to raids with its shiny form, and the Raid boss HP boost makes it a bit more difficult this time around. However, the trio is still possible. Get your EX raid team ready for another run of action… those Gengar, Tyranitar, SB Mewtwo, Weavile, and our new Ghost superstar Giratina (Origin Forme).


Team composition

  • To the extent you can, let moveset dictate your lineup configuration. Avoid Gengar vs Future Sight & the dark types vs Moonblast

  • Giratina O & Shadow Ball Mewtwo are always good options

  • Bugs are useful in rain, but aren’t quite as good as Gengar (vs non Future Sight sets) or Giratina O

  • Have a second lineup ready or be ready to revive/relobby

Shadow Pokemon

Several of Cresselia's counters can be Shadow Pokemon. These are always preferred over their non-shadow counterparts, as they tend to have nearly identical TDO but far more DPS.

Battling strategy

  • Dodging can be a huge help if it allows you to avoid relobbying. Mewtwo, Giratina & Tyranitar are great dodge options.

  • With the removal of the dodge glitch, this is a perfect raid to dust off those dodging skills. A handful of successful Future Sight dodges with a Giratina completely changes this raid’s difficulty

Note: "Good" movesets are not necessarily viable at the level indicated.

Infographic (Outdated)

Best Raid Boss Counters

Counters viable for Best Friends at level 35
Giratina Origin Forme Pokemon GO Giratina (Origin Forme)
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating


  • Fantastic option vs all movesets.

  • A few dodges can help 3 teams of 6 Tina avoid relobby vs any set

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating


  • Hard-hitting and powerful, takes most movesets with ease
  • Double-resists Psychic Type movesets


  • Mythical species, cannot be traded and candy can be hard to obtain
  • Weak to Moonblast
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating


  • Highest DPS option


  • Get your revives ready. Teams of all Gengar require 2 relobbys vs Confusion sets

  • Future Sight is a problem and other options should be considered

Counters viable for 3-man in neutral weather at level 40
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating


  • Strong choice vs all movesets

  • Much more bulk than Gengar. Can sometimes win without needing to relobby,


  • Shadow Ball is legacy, and EX raid Mewtwo was not easy for all to obtain

  • Winrate is only in the low 90% range at level 40. Well-timed dodges can make that 100%

Tyranitar Tyranitar
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Bite Crunch Best


  • Excellent survivability. While DPS is lower, teams of high level Tyranitar do not need to worry about relobbying vs Future Sight and Aurora Beam


  • Moonblast hits hard and will require relobby, TTar is still viable

Fast MoveCharge MoveRating


  • Great High DPS option vs Future Sight & Aurora Beam


  • Do not use Weavile for a trio against Moonblast

Counters viable for Best Friends at level 35 in Rain
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Filler Options at level 40 for Best Friends
Honchkrow Honchkrow
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Houndoom Houndoom
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating
Fast MoveCharge MoveRating

Raid Graph