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Reward Summaries

Permanent Store Additions
Seasonal Shop Totals (excluding infinite items)
Period: 2022-02-24 ~ 2022-03-10

Event PV

Contingency Contract Season #8 [Operation Dawnseeker]

Contingency Contract Season #8 [Operation Dawnseeker]

Translation Credit: Nightsky#3319

Season Period: 16:00, Feb. 24th – 03:59, Mar. 10th

Unlock Condition: Clear Story 2-10

If you are new to the CC event, and don't already know what it is, check here for an explanation:

Season Description: During the season, players can battle in the seasonal stages with different combinations of 「Contracts」. Clear the event Missions to collect 「Contract Bounty」 and 「Operation Agreement」.

  • 「Contract Bounty」 can be used to exchange rewards in "Secret Sanctuary" shops
  •  「Operation Agreement」can be used to unlock more Contracts.

Cross-Season "Secret Sanctuary" Store opened

  • New items in the permanent store:

    • [0011 Series - Glen Sonata - Asbestos]

    • [Icefield Messenger] Series – Cheerful Guardian - Cardigan (Rerun)

    • Season #8 flag - [Flag of Dawnseeker]

  • Current Season special exchange: High-tier mats, LMD , Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Chips, etc. (for this season only)

  • Current Season special exchange opening period: 16:00, Feb. 24th – 03:59, Mar. 10th


  • Season #7 will remove 2 rotation stages from last season and add 1 new rotation stage, 1 new permanent stage in this season, will have total 8 stages: 1 permanent stage, 7 challenge stages that will rotate daily.
  • 「Contingency Contract」 does not require Sanity
  • Some 「Contracts」 require reaching a certain "Contract Completion Amount" to unlock. Contract Completion Amount≠Risk Level
  • The permanent stage will have new 「Contracts」 and 「Challenge Missions」added on the second week.
  • After the season ends, unused 「Contract Bounties」 will be kept
  • During the season , players can obtain a certain amount of Friend Credits daily by having their support units used by others in the event.
  • During the season, players can obtain the season-exclusive plated medal by completing the corresponding mission.
  • After the season ends, accumulated 「Operation Protocols」 will automatically be converted into 「 Supplies」 in 1:1 ratio

Unlimited Access to Supplies and Chip Stages

Unlimited Access to Supplies and Chip Stages

Event Period: 16:00, Feb. 24th – 03:59, Mar. 10th

Event description: During the event period, all material and chip stages will be available everyday.

New Annihilation Stage [Hillock Countryside]

New Annihilation Stage [Hillock Countryside]

Stage Period: 04:00, Mar. 7th – 03:59, May. 2nd

Unlock Condition: Clear 2-8

Stage Description: New Annihilation stage [Hillock Countryside] will replace the current Annihilation Request [Southern Prison]. [Southern Prison] will be added to the Simulation Targets.

Event Medals

Dawnseeker Medals
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