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Period: 2021-10-15 ~ 2021-10-22

Pinus Sylvestris - PV

Translation Credit: Lauli
 PV script translation:

Justyna, are you really setting out?


Play your harmonica again.

Anything is fine, everyone loves your tunes.


Within a luxurious city, the infected will always escape to these cold and narrow corners.


Justyna the knight has a home, and relatives and friends who expect her return.

But these don't belong to Justyna the infected.


Not only the infected, here, may people have no place to call home.


Kazimierz is a spire. A tall spire.

Honor didn't abandon Kazimierz, people abandoned honor themselves.


Who would think of the infected among the knight families?

The nobles wouldn't care about the lives of the infected.


I can't go back.

If the wind can really bring my voice back, then please stay silent.

Don't say anything apart from the harmonica's tunes.


If there's nowhere to go—

Justyna, will you join us?


I came up with the name. Pinus Sylvestris, our own knight club.

[Pinus Sylvestris] Event


Translation Credit: Nightsky of the RIHQ Discord

Event Period:16:00, Oct. 15th - 03:59, Oct. 22nd

Unlock Condition: Clear 1-10

Stage Drops: event currency, materials, etc

Event Description: During the event period,  event stages will be available for limited time, player can obtain event currency from  any stage except for Annihilation, and Extreme Modes. and redeem event rewards and [Information Fragments]. [Information Fragments] can be used to unlock stories in current or previous storyset.

[Redemption Office] Event Rewards


Redeem Period: 16:00, Oct. 15th - 03:59, Oct. 25th

Rewards:[Witch Feast Series - Grave Thief - Click] , [Information Fragments] , event furniture, Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Hight-tier mats, etc.


This stories will be collected in [Intelligence Processing Room] after the end of event.

[A Wanderer in the Wind] Headhunt

[A Wanderer in the Wind

Event Period: 16:00, Oct. 15th - 03:59, Oct. 29th

Note: This headhunting is [standard headhunting].

Featured Operators:

Rarity Operator
6★ Rate Up Fartooth - Deadeye Sniper
5★ Rate Up Ashlock - Fortress Defender
Manticore - Stalker Specialist
  • 6★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 6★
  • 5★ Rate-Ups have a 50% chance of appearing when pulling a 5★
Test out your luck for this banner on our:[A Wanderer In The Wind] Summon Simulator!

New Operators


The following operators will join the [Standard Headhunting] permanently after the banner ends.

Note: The new operators  gain extra trust in event period

New Skins


Event Period: 16:00, Oct. 15th - 03:59, Oct. 29th

Event Description: The following costumes will be on sale in event period:

  • [Witch Feast Series - Moon Catastrborn - Blemishine]
    • Cost: 18 OP
  • [Witch Feast Series - Echo of the Horrorlair - Shamare]
    • Cost: 18 OP
  • [Witch Feast Series - Fated Hero - Snowsant]
    • Cost: 15 OP

Skin Reruns


Event Description: The following skins will be on sale during the event

  • [Epoque Series – Miraculous Moment – Grani]
    • Cost: 18 OP
  • [Witch Feast Series - "the mag" - Kroos]
    • Cost: 18 OP
  • [Witch Feast Series - "an elegy" - Nightingale]
    • Cost: 18 OP
  • [Witch Feast Series - "the feast" – Warfarin]
    • Cost: 18 OP

New Furniture Theme [Lounge of Pinus Sylvestris Knightclub]

New Furniture Theme

Sales Period: 16:00, Oct. 15th - 03:59, Oct. 29th

Furniture Rerun


Sales Period: 16:00, Oct. 15th - 03:59, Oct. 29th

Ambience: 4800

Cost:  5,380 Furniture Parts or 27 OP

New Modules

A list of Operators with Modules and their effects can be found here.

Operators with new modules:

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