Arknights: Guide To Operator Trust

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I’m the Doctor! Don’t You Trust Me??

An Operator’s Trust in the Doctor is displayed in-game as a percentage value between 0 and 200%.  Each Operator has their own Trust percentage and it can be viewed on their statistics page. It’s location can be seen in the red box in the image below:

Arknights Operator Trust
At least Amiya Trusts the Doctor

Each Operator has their own Trust Stats, and their current value appears in the area of the green box in the image above when the player clicks on the Trust bar. These Stats achieve their maximum value at 100% Trust, and their value at any Trust level below 100% is the corresponding percent of the maximum value.

  • For example, if we assume Operator X has a Trust bonus giving +100 ATK at 100% Trust, when they are at 77% Trust, their Trust Stat gives them +77 ATK. Raising them to 150% Trust would still give only +100 ATK, as Trust bonus caps out at 100% Trust.

Between 100% and 200% Trust, no stats change locally, but at 200% Trust, the Trust Stats will be applied to the Operator when it is used as a Support Unit by a friend.

Gaining Trust also unlocks additional biography information in each Operator’s File at Trust level 25%, 50%, 100%, 150%, and 200% .  Extra voice lines are unlocked at 40%, 100%, and 200% Trust. These can be accessed in the Audio Records in the Details section. 

Last, but not least, increasing Operator Trust unlocks special “Team” or “Faction” furniture, obtained when average Trust among all members of the Team/Faction reaches 100% (to find this, select the “Info” tab in the lower left of the Home screen.  Then select the “Trust Overview” tab in the lower left of the next screen) . Examples can be seen in the image below.

Arknights Team Trust Furniture
I probably wouldn't Trust my furniture with the Doctor, either.
  • Note: You do not need to raise the trust of all members of a faction to obtain their furniture; for example, raising Siege to 200% Trust would satisfy the 200 Trust total needed for the Glasgow furniture, even if the player doesn’t have Indra.

How To Gain Trust

So how do we get our beloved Operators to put their trust in us?  They need to gain Trust Points, of course! Trust Points then contribute to the Trust percentage in a way that will be described a little later.  There are two ways to for an Operator to gain Trust Points: participating in combat missions or working in the RIIC Base.

Trust from Combat Operations

This way is the most straightforward.  Every Operator in a team that completes a normal or Challenge Operation at 3 Stars gains 1 Trust Point per Sanity used to start the Operation.  If a normal Operation is completed at less than 3 Stars, then each Operator gains the Operations Sanity cost - 1 in Trust. If a Challenge Operation is completed at less than 3 Stars, the Trust gained by each Operator is the Operation Sanity cost divided by 2.

For Annihilation, Trust is gained in a tiered manner, much like the Annihilation stage rewards, based on how many kills are achieved.  For Chernobog the Trust gain is as follows:

Kills Trust Points
100 6
200 11
250 14
300 16
325 17
350 18
375 19
400 20

The following is the Trust gain for Lungmen Outskirts:

Kills Trust Points
100 8
200 15
250 18
300 20
325 22
350 23
375 24
400 25
  • Note: The Operator does not have to be deployed onto the map for Operations or Annihilation to gain the Trust Points.  

  • Need help with Annihilation maps?  See our 400 Kill guides for Chernobog and Lungmen Outskirts.

Trust from the RIIC Base

Every day, your Operators earn Trust from being stationed in the base in one of the following 3 roles:

  • Role 1:  Working in a Facility (even if their morale isn’t going down because the Facility isn’t producing something. Orange bubbles in the image below).

  • Role 2:  Being assigned as the Control Center RIIC Assistant (assigned in the Control Center. Blue bubbles in the image below).

  • Role 3: Being assigned as one of the Floor Level Assistants B1-B4 (assigned in the Control Center. Blue bubbles in the image below).

Note: It is possible for Operators to hold both Role 1 and 2, or 1 and 3, thus earning Trust from both Roles. To gain the Trust Points, you must interact with the Operators by tapping on them when they have an orange or blue bubble over their heads (seen in the image below).  To save time and gather all Trust Points at once, you can hit the Trust “Tap to collect all” button in the lower left of the Base home screen.

Arknights Base Trust Bubbles
Double Bubble Trouble

How much Trust your Operators earn each collection depends on their role and the total Ambience of the Dormitories.  Operators gain Trust each day depending on their role as follows:

  • Role 1: Gain up to a maximum of 100 Trust Points per collection (collection happens once per day and is based on total base Ambience)

  • Role 2: Gain up to a maximum of  500 Trust Points per collection (collection happens twice per day and is based on total base Ambience)

  • Role 3: Gain up to a maximum of 125 Trust Points per collection (collection happens twice per day and is based on the Ambience of the Dormitory on their assigned floor)

Note: I am currently collecting data to try to figure out exactly how Trust Points are calculated from Ambience values for each of these roles.  I will update this guide when the formulas are obtained and verified.

  • Each Dorm has a maximum possible Ambience of 5000 (1000 per Dorm level).  Since it is possible to build a maximum of 4 dorms, the most Ambience your Base can have is 20,000.  More information about Ambience and Dormitories can be found in our RIIC Base Guide and our Furniture Theme Guide.

Trust Percentage Growth

Unlike what you might expect, Trust Percentage does not grow linearly with Trust Points gained.  In other words, the number of Trust Points needed to reach 100% Trust is NOT twice as many as the number of Trust Points needed to reach 50%.  To share just a few data points for you to get the idea (the complete Table can be seen below):

Trust Percentage Trust Points Needed
25% 804
50% 2,732
75% 6,195
100% 10,070
125% 13,945
150% 17,820
175% 21,695
200% 25,570
Arknights Trust Percentage Table

Image provided by Kawa.

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