Heaven, Here, Now

Lvl: 50
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Simultaneously attacks all blocked enemies
Can be deployed on ranged tiles, and refunds half the DP cost of this deployment
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 215
atk 54
Talent Information
Ignores 250 DEF when attacking enemies with weight greater than or equal to 3
Ignores 270 (+20) DEF when attacking enemies with weight greater than or equal to 3
Unlock Information
Complete a total of 5 battles; You must deploy your own Enforcer, and unleash Staggering Shot at least 2 times in each battle
Clear Side Story GA-EX-1 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Enforcer, and cause at least 3 Pathfinder Sagittarius Prefects to fall in a pit


Module Description

'You want to work at my patisserie? A Notarial Hall executor?!'
No matter the reason Ezell gives, the patisserie owner finds it hard to comprehend why an executor wants to do this of all things. Still, Laterano's Sankta are famed for doing as they please, and he has no reason to refuse, so the patisserie is where he lets Ezell be.
At first, Ezell's work is rough around the edges, clearly too stiff in copying what he sees. He unfailingly takes down all the necessary ingredients, amounts, ratios, and methods in his notebook.
Some, of course, are floored to recognize what Ezell is. There's even speculation that some major case is developing—why else would a Notarial Hall executor go into hiding here, like this? Still, the week ends without anything of note. And just like at the Notarial Hall, Ezell is never late. But no matter how busy the shop is, he never works overtime, always punctual to clock out.
'Cecelia, I'm home. Here, cookies.'
'Thanks, Mister Ezell!'
'They're really good! Mister Ezell, did you make them?'
'Mm-hm. In a few more days, once I've made the preparations, we'll head out to see your papĂ .'
'What? You're quitting, right now? *sigh* You've put so much effort into learning patisserie, you know. Even taught you my secret recipe, hahaha.'
'I'm sorry.'
'Ezell, the intel you need's all here.'
'Thank you, Richele.'
'Once you're checked in at Rhodes Island, got an idea of where you're going next?'
'Hmm... based on our present intel, I think I do, roughly.
'Let's go, Cecelia.'
If you took a look through the notebook Ezell carries, you'd find it crammed full of things you'd expect from someone like him. Notes on his work, timetables, coffee brewing instructions, etc.
But on one page, in immature handwriting, is 'I want to eat Lateran sweets,' contrasted by a dessert recipe below in Ezell's script.
'They'd be hard to find in any stores after leaving Laterano, and would spoil on the way if prepared in bulk beforehand, so the best plan was to learn to make them myself.'
'I know how implausible leaving Laterano to find a Sarkaz is, given the current circumstances. I have enough faith to stay by Cecelia's side the whole way, but I know that for her, the journey to come will reveal itself to be an ordeal like nothing else.'
'So I've told her that whenever she wants to do something, she can write in this book. No matter how unrealistic, I'll earnestly plan it out, execute it, and achieve it. So that on this journey, Cecelia's heart remains ever filled with hope.'
Thus explains Ezell.
'Ah! Cecelia, wait!'
'That's black coffee! You won't grow big if you drink that!'