Whipsword Wire.L

Lvl: 50
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Can attack enemies from range; When attacking enemies not blocked by self, increase ATK to 130%
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
atk 35
def 35
Unlock Information
Defeat a total of 50 enemies with Whislash (Whislash cannot be a Support Unit)
Clear Main Theme S3-6 with a 3-star rating; a non-Support Whislash must be deployed during the operation and only Defender operators are allowed for the remaining units
Additional Information


Module Description

'Even before the match, Zofia knew that she had a long way to go if she were to defeat the Fissure Knight, but it wasn't until she actually had to fight the Fissure Knight that she knew how fatal the gap between them was.
She heard that her opponent had staff who reviewed all of her previous matches and had been trained by coaches bearing the same weapon and comparable stature to her. In effect, her opponent already knows her like the back of his own hand.
She had also heard that the Fissure's armor was forged specifically to take on her weapon of choice in battle. Not only does this armor make it difficult for her to get a good grasp with her whislash, any attack she manages to land isn't going to hurt her opponent in any way.
On the other hand, the blades yielded by her opponent have both been treated to give them fine cutting abilities.
She used to think these were just rumors. Alas, it all turned out to be true.
Zofia is starting to get discouraged. After all, her last few matches have all resulted in her defeat.
How many companies are there sponsoring Fissure? Are there really tens of thousands of people racking their brains together just to figure out how to take on the Whislash Knight?
She needs to find a way to get herself out of this, lest she gets defeated yet again.
Did Nearl use to fight all by herself as she is doing now?
Did she waver and hesitate when she found herself at a disadvantage?
She knows the answer, and she also knows very well that she is not Nearl.
When her techniques, weapons, and armor are unable to give her any advantages, the only things she has to rely on are the same things that led Nearl to victory.
Conviction and determination.
She starts switching up her attack patterns, even using techniques that she has not yet completely mastered.
She's relying more on her blade than her whislash to attack.
Now, Zofia the Whislash has a clear objective:
She must confuse her opponent.
She must wait for her opponent to become distracted for even a second.
She must snatch his weapon away with her whislash.
And before its threads snap, she must strike her opponent down!'