Lvl. 3
Lvl: 60
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
Attacks deal extremely long-ranged AoE Arts damage; damage dealt increases with distance, up to 110%
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
atk 72
attack_speed 7
Talent Information
Restores 2 SP every 6 seconds, with a 30% chance to restore an additional 5 SP.
Restores 2 SP every 5.5 (-0.5) seconds, with a 30% chance to restore an additional 5 SP.
Unlock Information
Defeat a total of 80 enemies with Ifrit (excluding Support Units)
Clear Main Theme 1-5 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Ifrit, and cannot include any other Sniper, Caster, or Supporter Operators as members


Module Description

Ifrit hadn't heard that dumb tub of lard's voice in her head for the longest time.
Errant names that leaked past the door are entangled throughout her memories of the past. Pain mixed with anger, an anger that took her to fantasyland, a friendly-looking old Caprinae putting her on a sickbed, her hand trying to reach out and hold something, searching through a ruin and a blaze-scorched black, and something that feels like feathers, but in an instant it's gone, and nobody ever pulls her out.
'Little friend, you've caught fire again.
'You know, raging and screaming won't lessen your pain, nor will it ever solve anything.'
Can it. All you do is talk in my brain and make my head hurt. You don't know anything!
'But I can feel those pinpricks in your arms.
'I've been able to feel them treat you as a monster since long ago. Even you yourself believed it, once.'
That was all that stupid goat's fault! He turned me into this, he...!
'You resent Silence. You know she knows your past, yet she won't let you flame-roast that 'stupid goat' yourself.'
She... Silence isn't wrong for that! What do you know? I'd never blame her—
'But your emotions still boil with wrath.
'Didn't you decide? That you could sneak away, now that no one here binds you to a table anymore? And once you find the old goat, you'll beat his face to a pulp, burn his whole laboratory down, and then—'
...I'm not gonna do that. I don't need Silence to tell me not to, 'cause I know that would be wrong. It's not that I wanna... kill him.
...I don't know! Still, he...! Why can't I?! I've got fire, I'll burn it all—
'You're shaking. You're recalling the days that inflicted so much pain upon you...
'So stop.'
No... once I can control this fatso for real, I'll get to protect everyone, and Silence won't be like this anymore, and she won't fight with Saria either!
And Darya can...
'...You're crying.'
...Shut up!
'It's not your fault, little friend.'
...Then whose fault is it?
Who am I supposed to blame? I'm not supposed to burn that stupid goat up, so who do I blame...?
The voice dies down. No one responds anymore, and even the headache flags somewhat.
'I still don't know.
'Maybe, someday, you'll be able to separate the rights from the wrongs. Your experiences will tell you how to decide your own standards. You'll want to abide by them. And then, you'll do the right thing.'
...Urk—my head hurts, my...
'Shaw hid your charcoal grill in a corner of the depot under the stairs. Mint has some books she'd like to share with you. Beeswax has a bottle of fragrant perfume, and if you visit her, she'll be all too willing to coat your horns.
'You know how mighty they all are. You want to protect them. So too do they want to protect you.
'So what about that big fat talking balloon? It still worries you.'
...I'm scared.
'Fear can't limit you, Ifrit.'
The pain brought about by that voice is fading far away. She looks across an expanse of white. Who is responding to her?
'Sleep, Ifrit. No longer can those flames burn in our dreamlands, you and I. We will find peace.'
And slowly, slowly, the flames go out.
The gargantuan being that occupied her dreamscape begins to wane, its fires fading crystal clear. Atop sleeps the unconscious Ifrit, who feels pain no longer. The fire blends into her. The fire, she has accepted.