Water Still Device

Lvl: 50
Trust: 100 (10,070 Points)
Availability: na
Equip Trait
When healing allied units with less than 50% HP, increases heal amount by 15%
Equip Attribute Bonuses
Stat Value
max_hp 80
atk 47
Talent Information
After 4 seconds without healing, increase the amount of the next heal to 180% ATK
After 4 seconds without healing, increase the amount of the next heal to 185%(+5%) ATK
Unlock Information
Complete a total of 5 battles; You must deploy your own Tuye, and unleash Cardiac Stimulant at least 1 time in each battle
Clear Main Theme 4-6 with a 3-star rating; You must deploy your own Tuye, and can only include 6 other Operators as members


Module Description

Before night has a chance to fall, daylight vanishes from outside the classroom window.
The twilight red is shoved forth by fierce storms, the sun blotted out by the turbid air leaving only a faint gold halo in the sky, the madder dusk dyed in thick, rich orange.
In the dry and flaming hot air, Tuye finds herself stifled. She tugs on her collar, and continues to observe as sand blankets the land and sky outside, wondering what's going to happen once class is out.
Brutal winds assail unabated, the sand within rattling and pattering against the glass with a great clamor. The long-bearded professor is forced to stop teaching, and wait for the noise to subside.
Amidst the dense sandstorm, Tuye notices a buckthorn plant shuddering about beneath a dilapidated wall, a flower bud somehow still surviving on its sparse branches. Tender, frail, liable to fall away in the wind at any time.
'Tch...' Tuye shuts her book and stuffs it in her bag, stooping low in preparation to slip out the back door.
'It appears you think you've already grasped this. Am I wrong, Miss Tuye?'
Tuye looks up, and sees the professor standing at his lectern, arms folded, giving her a look of annoyance.
'What was I saying just now? Answer correctly and I won't deduct credits.' The old professor strokes his beard.
'It's caused by the steam trap having an insufficient pressure differential, leading to steam leaking from the condenser.'
'I hadn't gotten that far yet, Miss Tuye.'
'You were about to, weren't you?' Tuye wiggles her eyebrows and lets out a smile.
Faced with such an irrepressible student, the professor can only heave a sigh and give his begrudging reply.
'Fine, get out of here. You're not helping me.'
'What about my course credit?'
'*sigh* Just this once, I'll let you off the hook.'
Clearing his throat, the professor is about to continue where he left off, when Tuye's next remark suddenly angers him to the point his beard stands on end.
'You know, you can dock some if you really wanna—I'm way above a pass, anyhow.'
Tuye hoists her bag and is sprinting out of the door by the time she finishes, leaving only the hinges slowly shutting, and an ear-piercing grumble.
'Get back here, you little goddamn lout!'
The professor's bellowing is loud enough to be heard outside the lecture hall, and fades away in the hallway along with Tuye's cackles.
Many years later, Tuye still regularly thinks back to her student days and cracks a smile—to this day, she and the professor have unfailingly kept in touch by letter. And every time she finishes writing one, she takes the condenser still off her backpack and pours the water into the planter on the windowsill, where a lush and beautiful buckthorn grows.