Arknights CN: New Operator Announcement - Sideroca: Skills, Talent, Art, GIFs

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Moooove It Or Lose It!

Translation: Jetroyz from the RIHQ server


Another new Operator, another new Guard!  [Sideroca] is a 5★ Arts Guard from Rhodes Island that mooooooves enemies to the afterlife with a giant blue-glowing two-hand sword!  She deals Arts Melee Damage, and has self-healing Skills and passive status ailment reduction.

Arknights Sideroca Info

Talents and Skills

Trait: Normal attacks deal Arts damage.

Talent 1: After killing a certain number of enemies, obtain additional attack speed and [Resist] (Reduce duration of stun, chill and freeze by 50%)

Skill 1:  Immediately recover a certain amount of HP.

Skill 2: Reduce attack range, increase Attack and recover a certain amount of HP every second.

Arknights Sideroca Skill 2 GIF
Bull-ying the slug

First Impressions

Note: These are first impressions and based on conjecture since we don’t know the exact details. 

Sideroca joins Mousse (4★) and Astesia (5★) in the Archetype of Arts Guard.  She follows the trend of this Archetype by having defensive/sustain elements in her Skills and an offensive oriented Talent.

With the healing element of her Skills, it appears as though she is intended to be effective at functioning without external healing support, or at least to supplement healing in high-damage situations.  How well she can execute these roles will likely depend on the strength of her Skills.

The reduction of the attack range of Skill 2 means she will only be able to hit enemies that she is blocking. This will limit somewhat it's offensive capabilities, but since it has defensive elements, it is already more useful when she is blocking.  Her Skill 1 could possibly be the same or similar to the Skill 1 of Matoimaru.

Her Talent is somewhat reminiscent of that of Flamebringer, and means she will be at her best when she can be placed and left on the field to accumulate kills.  It also has the addition of status effect reduction, which is an effect we've been seeing more often of late.

Other Art and GIFs

Arknights Sideroca Full E2

Full E2 Art

Arknights Sideroca Deploy GIF

Hoof-it to the Battlefield!

Arknights Sideroca Poke GIF

Ear Scratch.

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