Arknights CN: [Operator Records] and [Paradox Simulation] Explained!

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[Operator Records] and [Paradox Simulation] Explained!

Special Thanks Botzu, Peacecow, MJYW

Have you always wished to know more about the stories of our Operators?  The new content arrivals on CN,[Operator Records] and [Paradox Simulation], give us exactly that!

Operator Records

[Operator Records] are additional story scenes about the featured Operator.  They can be found on the Operator Details screen.


In the case above, Eyjafjalla has 2 Operator Records.  At this time, a limited set of Operators are getting 1 or 2 records.

Each Operator Record is unlocked at a specific Promotion stage, Operator Level, and Trust level of the featured Operator. The image below shows that Rope’s Operator Record is unlocked at Promotion stage E2 Operator Level 1, and that 50% Trust is required.


Unlocking an Operator Record typically awards a Medal:

Operator Record information is currently being added to the wiki on the Operator pages of the featured Operators, including the translated Story Text.  Firewatch and Phantom are currently completed, with more to follow:

Screen Shot 2021-01-10 at 12.46.02 PM
Firewatch Operator Record Info (at bottom of Operator Page)

Paradox Simulation


Paradox Simulations are combat stages that require you to choose a skill (stages typically recommend a specific skill), and then do combat with that Operator/Skill along with a provided Squad.  The stages seem to be designed around use of the recommended skill, so taking it is advised.

Paradox Simulation Stage Start
Paradox Simulation Skill Selection
Paradox Simulation Map and predetermined Squad

Paradox Simulation stages are unlocked at specified Promotion Stages and Operator Levels of the featured Operator.

Some notes on the combat stages:

  • Every stage comes with a fixed Squad.
  • Other than the feature Operator (whose Paradox Sim it is), the remainder of the Squad has preset levels.
  • The feature Operator uses the current state of your personal Operator: Promotion level, Operator level, Skill levels, Trust, etc.
  • You don’t get to see the preset Squad until the stage starts.
  • First Clear reward is 200 Orundum
  • After successful completion, you can attempt again with a different Skill equipped, but nothing changes with the preset squad, and there are no rewards for additional clears.
  • All attempts cost 0 Sanity.

Current Operators with [Operator Records] and [Paradox Simulations]

The current list of Operators with  [Operator Records] and [Paradox Simulations] can be found here.

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