Arknights: Should You Pull? Edelweiss' Vow: Gnosis

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Edelweiss' Vow: Gnosis

Should You Pull?

If you want Gnosis, then yes.

The effectiveness of Gnosis’ kit depends heavily on his opponents being vulnerable to Freeze. If they are, he’s borderline broken. If they are not, he’s practically useless. There are some upcoming events and modes where Gnosis will be very useful (though not 100% necessary), so if you like to be prepared for everything, he can be worth the effort. On the other hand, if you’ve already invested in fellow 6★ Supporters Angelina and Suzuran (especially Suzuran), you may not find Gnosis’ contributions particularly game-changing.

As with all banners, a 5★ or higher Operator is guaranteed in the first 10 rolls. Should you pull just for that? No. Aurora takes a lot of work to output results that other Operators can typically produce more easily, and Pramanix is often less preferable in her role than other sources of debuffs.

Quick Overview

Debuffer/ Hexer Supporter

+ Usual archetype strengths: wide attack range, high base RES, cheap DP cost

+ Applies Cold with his regular attacks

+ Applies the Fragile debuff to all Cold enemies within his range and doubles the debuff’s effectiveness on Frozen enemies within his range

+ E2 Talent gives all Karlan Trading Operators the Status Resistance buff; this is rarely useful, but it’s better than nothing

+ S2 has an extremely low SP cost and can be Overcharged to instantly inflict Freeze on all enemies within range, making it very powerful for stalling enemies

+ S3 basically guarantees all enemies in Gnosis’ range will be Frozen by the end of the Skill, then shatters the Freeze, dealing massive Arts damage and removing the ailment; this Skill combines terrific crowd-control, long-lasting Fragile, and enormous burst damage on any enemy that’s vulnerable to Freeze

= Trivializes some content and is borderline useless in other content

= He can trigger Fragile on enemies before they get low on HP (unlike many Hexer Supporters), but he cannot trigger Fragile at all if enemies are immune to Freeze

- EXTREMELY dependent on enemies being vulnerable to Freeze; his damage and debuffs are both neutered when enemies are immune

- S3 doesn’t have great uptime, so use it wisely

Duelist Defender

+ Self-heals when Talent activates (when Skill is not active and SP is below half)

+ S1 gives her a massive DEF boost that makes her very survivable for the duration (as well as +2 Block and the Status Resistance buff)

+ S2 hits extremely hard once an opponent is Frozen, giving Aurora excellent synergy with other Freezing Operators (i.e., Kjera, Gnosis)

+ S2 uses the ammo system, so it can extend across multiple waves if timed correctly

= S1 self-Stuns after the duration ends, which can be a tactical tool or a massive inconvenience (like other self-Stuns)

- Archetype weaknesses: Block-1, high DP cost, can only recover SP while blocking at least one enemy

- Talent stops her from attacking while active, potentially allowing enemies to pile up past her Block-1

- S2’s effectiveness drops sharply if enemies are immune to Freeze

- S2 really relies on having another ally who can Freeze to help Aurora maximize her DPS, but having nearby allies contributing DPS means she has less time to charge her Skills (since she only gets SP while Blocking, and DPS allies will quickly kill whatever she’s Blocking)

Debuffer/ Hexer Supporter

+ Usual archetype strengths: wide attack range, high base RES, cheap DP cost

+ Deals Arts damage (and targets two enemies at a time after E2 promotion)

+ Talent inflicts Fragile, increasing the damage taken by nearby enemies when they are low on HP

+ S1 lowers enemy ASPD (a relatively rare debuff)

+ S2 lowers enemy DEF/ RES (a great offensive tool)

- Usual archetype weaknesses: her direct DPS is so low that she is sometimes less effective than fielding another DPS unit (especially in the early game)

- Has to choose between reducing enemy offense or enemy survivability with her Skills


Gnosis E2

Gnosis has found himself in a bit of a tight spot. Things got a little too hot for his family back in Kjerag, so he’s brought his slick-as-ice fashion sense and cold-as-ice Originium Arts powers to Rhodes Island so he can pursue his research uninterrupted. Well, Kjerag’s loss is the Doctor’s gain: Gnosis wields absolute zero as a weapon, turning his enemies into Frozen ice sculptures that he can shatter with a snap of his fingers.


Aurora E2

Aurora really shouldn’t be involved in Rhodes Island’s drama. She was a perfectly ordinary civilian who only became Infected because of a freak accident. However, Aurora is determined to make the best of her new lot in life. She’s willing to live and let live if enemies don’t bother her, being a Duelist Defender who only charges SP when Blocking. However, if someone starts punching her, she’s going to punch back—with a giant iron piledriver that Freezes her enemies solid!


Pramanix E2

Pramanix: she’s fluffy, she’s elegant, she’s the Karlan Saintess, and she’s… a major slacker. (What is it with Arknights and religious figures who just want to take a nap?) Considering how lax Pramanix likes to be, it’s no surprise that her powers work subtly in the background, applying debuffs that strip away the DEF and RES of her opponents. That way, her allies can do the hard work of actually finishing the job for her. Uh—that is—the gods work in mysterious ways, don’t they? Hohoho!

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