Shadow Autobattle Team

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Main Team

Level: 70
Mana Circles:: 40

Being one of the few Blind immune Adventurers in the game, Berserker is a dependable source of DPS. The Living Fortress has no issue with the inevitable facetanking that accompanies auto-battling. If running with strong healers, a second offensive Wyrmprint, like Astounding Trick, can be considered.

Level: 70
Mana Circles:: 40

Rejoice, for the third fully Blind-resistant Adventurer is here! While her Full HP Skill Damage is going to be null most of the time, Alex enjoys a great Skill rotation thanks to low SP costs and Skill Haste, which brings forth frequently AoE damage and iframes to the mix.

Level: 70
Mana Circles:: 40

Cleo is the most accessible healer in the game and has the added bonus of purging the Eyeflies’ occasional Paralysis. Since she's the same element as the team's attackers, maximize her Recovery Potency with two dedicated Wyrmprints.

Level: 80
Mana Circles:: 40

Hildegarde serves as a strong foundation for many teams; with a Regen Shield and burst heal, she gets a lot done. The Greatest Gift serves as a nice player EXP booster, but when more healing is needed, a recovery potency Wyrmprint can easily be swapped out.

Alternate Team Members

Packing immense firepower alongside a great AoE buff field for the team, Gala Cleo is a force to be reckoned with. Full Paralysis and Blind Res makes her the premier choice for Light IO.

Despite being a Blind-immune Adventurer, Kleimann may sometimes have trouble surviving due to a lack of self-supporting options. Nevertheless, the Force Strike passive helps during Overdrive, and the boosted Skill Damage remains a valuable asset for AoE damage.

To complete his Blindness Res, Syndicate Mask, Silke Lends a Hand, or Witch's Kitchen are recommended. Even without these, Erik's innate Blindness Res will help ensure clears within the time limit.

While lacking Blind Res, Heinwald brings forth a balanced approach between offense and healing. Parties with sufficient sustain may opt for Heinwald, especially if Gala Cleo is present, as the latter cannot be brought alongside regular Cleo for healing purposes.