A Small Courage

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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"I'll show you the results of my training!" Hearing Hope's enthused voice, I knew I had no choice but to give my all. Now a Templar, he was aiming to become the next Heavenwing, and asked me to assist him."
2I constantly have to pull Hope back from overexerting himself. Also, I'm still rather afraid of seeing blood. Still, he's trusting me, so I'll try to do my best. I just hope he comes out of all this in one piece...
3"This is it! Blessed Sw—OW! Ow, ow, ow..." Oh no! I KNEW he was pushing it too far! That enemy got him right as he was about... Oh dear, he's bleeding a little... Blood! C-can't stand... G-getting dizzy..."
4N-no! I can't fall while Hope is still fighting! As his assistant, I have to see our duty fulfilled. Time to summon up all my courage and raise my staff high...
5I did it! I healed Hope! I was actually useful! I just hope he doesn't run out there and overdo it aga... Oh dear. Hope, waaaait!


Ability 1

Skill Damage +10% Increases attack skill damage by 10%. (Max: 40%)
Upgrades To
Skill Damage +15% Increases attack skill damage by 15%. (Max: 40%)
Upgrades To
Skill Damage +20% Increases attack skill damage by 20%. (Max: 40%)
Ability Group: Skill Damage Max Boost: 40%
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