The Wyrmclan Duo

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Obtainable as a 5

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1My most calming place is the top of my soft futon. I nap with little mice, and even chat with my childhood friend when the mood strikes me. Yep, I think today is gonna be another fine and lazy day.
2If I could just chill like this until they put me in the ground, I could quit my job as a Wyrmclan leader—but life ain't that easy. ...See? Hear that? Sounds like Chitose is zooming this way in a big ol' hurry.
3Sure enough, Chitose arrived and made a huge deal about some battle or whatever, and even Nobunaga put down her book and got all excited. It's all a serious pain… which means I gotta wrap things up pronto!
4Soon enough, Nobunaga used her book's tactics to take out the enemy force. I always have liked her; she's passionate, warlike, and ambitious—all the things I'm not! Maybe that's why I trust her so much.
5Yeah, there's nothing better than taking it easy, fighting the occasional scrap, and being in the moment. Someday I'll tell her about my second-most relaxing place, but until then, I'll just enjoy life at her side!


Ability 1

Skill Damage +20% Increases attack skill damage by 20%. (Max: 40%)
Upgrades To
Skill Damage +25% Increases attack skill damage by 25%. (Max: 40%)
Upgrades To
Skill Damage +30% Increases attack skill damage by 30%. (Max: 40%)
Ability Group: Skill Damage Max Boost: 40%
Other Wyrmprints That Boost This Stat