GFL x Jashin-Chan "My Devil's Frontline" Guides & Event Info

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The My Devil's Frontline Event will begin on November 16th after maintenance!


A rather surprising, and somewhat random Collaboration event, My Devil Frontline is a collab with the Dropkick on My Devil anime. While likely unknown to most players, this received the full GFL collab treatment with a variety of Collab Dolls, a Collab Fairy, Five Stages with Normal and EX Difficulty, and new enemies skins. 

As mentioned during the Butterfly in a Cocoon event, this Collab features a number of mechanics from later events, such as expanding maps. We also have an infinite Farming map to ease the pain of farming for all Dolls, along with the traditional Doll welfare system. 

My Devil Frontline continues to brings back the T-Doll Rescue Welfare system that has been around since the White Day Event to somewhat ease the pressure of farming for Dolls and providing a bit of extra incentive to do your daily runs.

While farming enemies and S-ranking stages can drop limited T-Dolls as usual, each battle or S-rank clear in the event will award either a Nova Medal or Platinum Medal.

5★ T-Dolls will cost x500, while 4★ T-Dolls will cost x400.

Medals can also be used to purchase Strawberry Custard Cakes, costing x5 or x5 each. (Limit 200 cakes)

Even the enemies get in on the fun with a number of new Skins, and a few new enemies, 'Demon' skins for the Aegis and Nemeums, a Varaint o the Ghosts from White Day and Halloween, and a new 'Cyclops' enemy and a club throwing goblin type enemy. 

Event Stages & Clear Guides

This event can be easily completed by all Commanders within its duration when on Normal Difficutly. EX will off challenges to established players with very high Armor Value enemies, and a love of stunlocking your Dolls. The stages start off very easy, scaling up to eventually offer a decent challenge by the final map. A new Commander who takes advantage of the New Player Career Quest Rewards will have no trouble clearing the entire event before it ends.

Farming map guide coming soon!

The map clear guides can be seen below! 

Normal Maps
EX Maps

Event Shop

Event Stage clears award Token of Life, up to x60 per day. They can be used in an event shop featuring a variety of goodies that are useful for all Commanders, as well as all of the Collab Equipment, and two Collab Dolls.

Collab Minigame

As with previous Collab Events, this one features a new minigame!

This one is a bit more involved than past minigames, and involves running a cafe! It can be somewhat time-consuming, as each run is several minutes long, but is good for a bit of a laugh. 

The official infographics cover the details well, so we will leave them below. 

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