Monthly Roadmap: February 2022


Executioner Rerun


It's happening. EN is having their first Ringleader rerun! The first Ringleader to be rerun is Executioner, which is a Melee focused Ringleader that was originally released with the release of the SF Capture system. 

Per QnA, we will be returning to the original release order for Ringleaders after Dual Randomness is over.

For more information on her, check our analysis linked below!

Full Blossom Banner Rerun

ots-14 sangria succulenta

No new Gacha Banners in this roadmap, only Full Blossom rerun! This banner includes the heavenly Groza CNY skin.

Note that the current CNY Banner, Wind-Borne Grace, with Lewis' L2S, ends on the 28th, so we'll likely see the new banner on March's Roadmap!

Below is listed the skins from this rerun

Sangria Succulent



Lily of the Valley






Vietnamese Balm



Southern Star



Noble Orchid



New T-Doll batch *5


We'll have a new T-Dolls batch this month featuring 5 T-Dolls. The featured T-Doll on the Roadmap is RPK-203 (pictured above). 

The other 4 T-Dolls are: MCX, PPD-40, AR-57 and FX-05.




February Login SPEQ

Not to be confused with the Springtime Login Event SPEQ, this month feature's Thompson's SPEQ.

The Skill enhancement granted by the SPEQ gives Thompson a Taunt effect while her force shield is active. While there is some use case for that, this is no MP5 SPEQ Evasion wise, and with G36C Mod looming over the horizon there's little reason to field Thompson, unless you got enough dupes to max link her

Tinfoil Hat section

Another month, another Q&A. Let's see if we got exciting info out of it this time. January Q&A  was pretty lukewarm.

Okay, so, surprisingly a lot of new information. 

We're getting SOPMOD's and 15's SPEQ rework right after DR ends. I expected that to take longer. Maybe now there will be more reworks and a smaller gap between CN and EN. Also getting an announcement of reworks prior to their arrival to nice.

I wonder if that rework will also bring the fairies rework they did, although I suspect the Fairy rework is locked to a newer client version.

Seems like we'll get a 2.081 client version to fix IOS issues somewhere soon (wishful thinking, but imagine if they give Android some TLC too).

And apparently, the reason they're running Executioner is to avoid giving breaking the ranking map during DR(?), and that's a practice they'll keep doing in future events (on EN apparently). To justify the name of this section, I suspect it could also be the following:

  • Devs are busy with unscheduled 2.081, and couldn't test DR ranking map
  • EN doesn't have enough Devs to test DR ranking map
  • They're releasing Exec so peps watching GFL anime roll for her, as she is in the anime

I leave the conclusion up to you guys.

While Adam goes full tinfoil-hat mode, let's analyze the rest of what they said:

Interestingly, it seems we'll see a Valhalla rerun only in late March/April, depending on how much 2.081 and 2.09 hinder our content schedule. Hopefully not as bad as 2.08 did...

Speaking of which, 2.09 will arrive before MS, and with it comes great QoL improvements, such as:

  • Sim rework: now sims don't recover energy over time, instead, you're given 12 energy to spend as you wish. All sims remain open, with sim bonus cycling per day (much like our current SF combat sim)
  • Equipment index: now you can finally scratch all those night SPEQs and Claes SPEQs and those Jill SPEQs. Note that the index only accounts for the equipment you have when 2.09 arrives, so don't scrap them before it!
  • Equip count: index also shows how much of each piece of equipment you have. You no longer have to manually count them.
  • KR 2.09, according to Arumia, is actually running smoother than our current EN client, so there's hope for us before they do client 3.0
    • While I have not tested 2.09 myself, Aru's client performance tends to mirror what I see, so this is encouraging. 

Lastly, let's see if Q&A on Twitter was useful this time:

Wait! There's more to 2.09:

  • New sim system brought a rework of Defense Drill
  • After every 10th wave your team is fully healed
  • This healing was implemented because we now have harder waves above wave 109
  • We also have new Career quests, which includes a FREE PARACHUTE FAIRY, and FREE PROTOTYPE FAIRIES


So, seems we have an ETA for our new T-Doll batch: February 22nd, which is when DR ends. Since it's coming in February, and the next maintenance is on March 1st

Also, Gager next Ringleader. Boss will be happy.

Happy boss means less whipping on this poor slave.

Many happy Soul noises

Now if only she was good, and not another victim of my crippling love for mediocre characters. 

Springtime Login Event

m37 speq

Springtime Login Event is bringing us one of the newest login SPEQs out in foreign: M37 Grip.

It's passive ability grants M37's additional attacks a stun effect to the targets.

As usual, for those who don't know how it works, below is an example of Login Event.

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