Music of DJMax + GFL: Glory Day Stage BGM Compilation

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This is a compilation of all DJMax x GFL collab event BGMs including links to listen to all of them on YouTube. 

EX stages have the same BGM as normal stages, and are thus omitted. 

5/5 update: Updated the E2-1 "Sunset Rider" stage BGM for accuracy. 

5/1 update: Added all DJMax tracks that play during story dialogue as well as all the references that could be found. Huge thanks to KnockFan for compiling all the information and sharing it!

Story References and Terminology

Different games from the DJMAX series via PlayStation Portable and online:

El Fail - "Is it an alien prince looking for romance? Or a Killer Bee?"

  • The Killer Bee MV:

El Clear: "2064, this summer! Everybody wants DJMAX Time!"

  • MV with the quote's reference: 

K2: "As for why I remember...I suppose it has something to do with my ancestry..."

  • Neowiz's origins is South Korean. K2 is a Korean gun. You can connect the two and two together here.
  • Besides Fever Mode being one of K2's mode name ingame for Girls' Frontline, DJMAX has a Fever system. Pretty much it's a "hit enough notes in a combo then activate this mode to increase your scores." Another example I can provide would be when you turn your guitar vertical in Guitar Hero to activate some blue energy mode to get a bigger score.

El Fail: "S! A! B! C! Or Fail."

  • This is the grading system for DJMAX. Break = Miss.

E1-1: Stalker

Title: "Stalker" by ND Lee
Stage BGM: "Plastic Method" by zts

E1-2: Heartbeat

Story BGM

Shadow Flower [Mycin T. Funk session] - Plays when Calico and Thunder enter Pocket City (13:22 - 18:47) and after the ingame battle ends (20:56 - 23:32)

Beyond Yourself - Plays when Sangvis Ferri invades and K2 is on the scene (18:49 - 20:55)

Only for You - Plays when Suee plays a song to Calico and Thunder (23:35 - 24:58)

BELL - Calico comes up with AEK-999's reasoning. (25:05 - 28:06)

Note from KnockFan: In GFL, song name is BELL. However, it is actually Mycin T. Stay with me Sunset Version.

Title: "Heartbeat" by ND Lee
Stage BGM: "Armored Phantom" by ned
Minigame: "Ask to Wind" by Forte Escape

E1-3: Waiting for You

Story BGM

Bullet, Wanted! - Plays when Calico and Thunder chase TMP (28:57 - 31:03)

Beyond Yourself - Plays when K2 warns about SF reinforcements (20:56 - 23:32 - see E1-2 section for song MV) 

Shadow Flower [Mycin T. Funk session] - Plays after the battle ends (31:57 - 34:00 - see E1-2 section for song MV) 

Title: "Waiting for You!" by Mycin.T
Stage BGM: "Ventilator" by Cycle75
Minigame: "Fallen Angel" by DJ Mocha

E2-1: Sunset Rider

Story BGM

BELL - Plays after K2 says "It all started because of me." and when AEK appears (34:51 - 37:58 and 41:21 - 43:45 - see E1-2 section for song MV)

Beyond Yourself - Plays when Preiya & Carmilia exit the Graveyard + after the battle ends (39:03 - 41:09 - see E1-2 section for song MV)

Black Cat - Plays when El Fail rises from the grave (44:03 - 44:50)

Title: "Sunset Rider" by Nauts
Stage BGM: "SIN -The Last Scene-" by ESTi
Minigame: "NB RANGER" by Virgin Force

E2-2: Fate

Story BGM

The Obliterator - Plays with the continuation of El Fail's introduction (44:54 - 48:47)

BELL - Plays when Calico does her "dorm mother" duties and after the battle ends (49:25 - 51:49 and 52:42 - 55:34 - see E1-2 section for song MV)

Nightmare - Plays after the "Or you can end it on a single bullet" line (49:25 - 51:49 and 52:42 - 55:34 - see E1-2 section for song MV)

Title: "Fate" by ESTi
Stage BGM: "Nightmare" by M2U
Minigame: "Syriana" by BEXTER

E2-3: End of the Moonlight

Story BGM

Beyond Yourself - Plays with El Fail vs. ATK and after the first El Fail clear in-game (55:43 - 56:55 and 1:01:51 - 1:03:25 - see E1-2 section for song MV)

WHY - Plays when TMP scolds AEK and after the lines "Sorry Miss Fallen Angel, you don't belong in this world." as well as "The truth about this world." (57:07 - 58:40, 1:10:04 - 1:11:43, and 1:16:57 - 1:19:05)

The Obliterator - Plays when ATK arrives at Black Square (58:45 - 1:00:20 - see E2-2 section for song MV)

Ladymade Star - Plays when K2 plays Sehra & Nina's song (1:00:29 - 1:01:25 - see Fairy section for song MV)

Black Cat - Plays when El Fail strikes back (1:01:27 - 1:01:49 - see E2-1 section for song MV)

Fallen Angel - Plays when El Fail gives Calico her song (1:03:28 - 1:04:33)

BELL - Plays when Thunder talks to Preiya & Carmelia and after you beat up El Fail the third time (1:04:42 - 1:07:43 and 1:11:44 - 1:13:45 - see E1-2 section for song MV)

I Want You - Plays when Suee's song comes to her (1:08:08 - 1:09:38 - see Fairy section for song MV)

Only for You - Plays when Calico sings her second song (the one she listened to with Thunder when Suee first played it to them) (1:13:49 - 1:16:17 - see Fairy section for song MV)

Glory Day (acoustic ver.) - Plays when the Commander plays out this song (1:19:32 - 1:20:46)

First Kiss - Plays during the concert prep (1:22:38 - end)

Title: "End of the Moonlight" by Forte Escape
Stage BGM: "Blackcat" by BEXTER
Minigame: "Oblivion" by ESTi

Collab Fairies

Suee: "I Want You" by Lin-G
Sehra & Nina: "Ladymade Star" by ESTi
Preiya & Camilla: "Oblivion" by ESTi

DJMax-side Tracks

Only For You
What am I Fighting For?
Barbarous Funera
Glory Day