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Project Neural Cloud's roguelike gameplay revolves around the random generation and allocation of Function Cards during your map playthroughs. For players who couldn't play but want to know what's going on, this page will act as a temporary index of all 72 known Function Cards!

This article will be updated when new cards become available in the Closed Beta Test (CBT), so stay tuned! 

Note that while Function Cards are listed up to level 8 in this page, most cards have no level cap and only a very small number of cards have a limit on the number of times they can be upgraded. The game is also still very early in beta testing, so there may be a lot of downstream balance improvements made to these cards. 

Thanks to Ceia for providing the raw footage! The function card list is translated from NGA.

Function Card Basics

Function Cards are earned during stages and grant various buffs for your team. Their acquisition details were covered in Part 1 - this page will focus on a compilation of their functionality

  • On battle start, function cards that apply to characters will flash over their heads briefly. 
  • During the fight, function card procs will light up the card's icon at the top of the screen. 
    • Some cards may flash over your characters' heads on a proc as well. 

Orange cards (special level function cards) generally have stronger effects than purple cards (high level function cards). Nevertheless, the usefulness of any specific card depends highly on your character roster - adapt to the situation!

Function Card Compilation

Without further ado, let's get to the full card compilation! Once card icons are datamined, they'll be uploaded here. 

All translations are tentative until an official EN release is announced. Numbers are absolutely not final and you should expect:

  • Significant changes to the set of that are available in the final game
  • Numerical re-balancing of any Function Cards that do survive 
  • Card viability to change dramatically based on available unit roster

Sniper Cards

Hunting Signal

Mark an enemy and deal 120(+80)% more damage on the next hit. 

Chain Hunting

When dealing damage to a new target, guarantee a critical hit and increase crit damage multiplier by 50(+25)% for that hit. 

Offense Strategy

Increase attack by 20(+10)% for 4 seconds after using an Active Skill. 

Sacrificial Blow

After using an Active Skill, the next regular attack will sacrifice 15% HP and add 2(+0.6)x the lost HP as extra damage.

Ticket to Victory

For 5 seconds after battle starts, gain 30(+10) attack speed.

Chain Shot

Each regular attack has a 40% chance to deal an extra instance of ability damage for 50(+30)% attack.

Inverse Reaction

On critical hit, heal for 40(+20)% of the damage dealt.

Charged Marker

When an attack does not crit, increase self crit rate by 20(+5)%. Stacks reset on critical hit. 

Loaded Shot

Decrease attack speed by 15%, but increase damage by 15(+5)%

Incremental Injury

Increase crit multiplier by 20(+5)% each time ability damage is dealt to an enemy.

Long-Distance Shot

Increase attack speed by 30(+10) for each tile between this unit and the player's home column. 

Special (Control) Cards

Drifting Shot

Whenever any allied unit dodges an enemy attack, this unit attacks the enemy whose attack was dodged for 80(+40)% damage. 

Fierce Onslaught

For each debuff on the current target, gain 60(+20) attack speed. 

Efficient Rationing

Upon applying a debuff to an enemy, heal the allied unit with lowest % health for 3(+2)% of their max HP.

Exploit Patching

On active skill activation, add 6(+6)% dodge chance to the unit with the least amount of HP, can stack up to 80% max. 

Rapid Preparations

Whenever any allied unit dodges an enemy attack, reduce this unit's next skill cooldown by 5(+3)% up to a maximum of 35(+15)%.

Assassin's Instinct

Each regular attack has a 12(+6)% chance to increase self dodge chance by 5%, up to a maximum of 50%.

Improved Cooling

Each time this unit moves, decrease active skill cooldown by 5(+3)%, up to a maximum of 50%. 

Entropy Accumulation

Increase attack by 12(+4)% after each attack, but the stacks reset after active skill usage. 

Operational Reset

Reset active skill cooldown the first time this unit's HP drops below 40(+15)% of the maximum. 

Suppression And Deterrence

Add additional true damage to regular attacks equal to 4(+3)% attack times the number of debuff stacks on the target. 

Thorough Restraint

When debuffing an enemy, additionally deal true damage equal to 20(+10)% attack. 

Entangled Propagation

When this unit's active skill deals damage, chain the current target with another random enemy for 4 seconds. During this time, whenever the initial unit receives damage, the chained enemy loses HP equal to 20(+10)% of the damage inflicted. 

Effect Proliferation

When inflicting a debuff, there is a 20(+5)% chance to add an additional stack. 

Warrior Cards

Quick Assault

Remove Initial Cooldown for this unit and increase attack speed by 50(+20) for 7 seconds after battle starts.

Stressful Tactics

Gain % attack based on the percentage of HP lost, up to a maximum of 60(+40)%.

Damage Buffer

After every 3 regular attacks, synchronize with the allied unit that has the least % of HP and reduce their damage taken by 20(+15)% for 4 seconds.

Berserk Strike

Whenever an allied unit takes damage, this unit has a 10(+5)% chance to double attack on its next hit. The chance is doubled when this unit takes damage. 

Damage Overclocking

Each regular attack increases this unit's attack by 4(+2)%.

Silencing Blade

Each regular attack has a 12(+6)% chance to silence the target for 2 seconds.

Incremental Pursuit

Whenever this unit deals damage, add additional true damage equal to 6(+3)% attack.

Last Resort

When receiving lethal damage, this unit will not die for at least 5(+1)s; if unit HP at the end of effect duration is above 1, then this unit will not die. May trigger a maximum of one time per battle.

Double Compilation

Restore HP equal to 18(+4)% of damage dealt by this unit. Effect is tripled for any true damage dealt. 

Medic Cards

Quick Reset

Each regular attack has a 16(+7)% chance to reset active skill cooldown for this unit.

Allergic Reaction

When healing a unit, enemies in a radius of 1 tile from the target receive damage equal to 30(+20)% of this unit's attack.

Live-saving Service

Once per battle, whenever any allied unit receives lethal damage, reser active skill cooldown and increase healing effectiveness by 30(+10)%

Extra Benefits

When healing a unit, 40% chance to increase target's attack by 5(+3)%

Stacked Healing

When healing a unit, 40% chance to increase healing effectiveness by 100(+40)% for 5 seconds.

Rapid Operation

On active skill activation, increase attack speed by 50(+30) for 4 seconds.

Emergency Allocation

Healing becomes more effective based on the percentage of HP lost by the target, up to a maximum of 35(+25)% increase in effectiveness.

Bidirectional Restoration

When healing allied units, this unit also heals for 40(+30)% of the HP restored.

Efficiency Upgrade

Decrease healing effectiveness by 10(+5)% but decrease skill cooldown by 20(+5)%

Defender Cards

Bidirectional Erosion

After every 2 regular attacks, the next regular attack will sacrifice 15% HP to add 100(+30)% of the lost HP as extra true damage.

Strained Repair

Whenever this unit receives damage, there is a 12% chance for this unit to heal for 3(+1.5)% of this unit's max HP.

Data Congestion

Decrease attack of all enemies within 2 tiles by 20% and add 10(+10)% of the attack reduction value to this unit's defense. 

Mass-Energy Conversion

Increase attack by 25(+5)% of this unit's defense. 

Structural Reinforcement

Gain 2(+1)% defense every time this unit is healed. 

Hedgehog Effect

Gain 5(+3)% damage reflection every time this unit deals effect damage to an enemy.

Coordinated Defense

When battle starts, increase max HP and defense of this unit and all allied units within 1 tile by 5(+2.5)%.

Crisis Response

The first time this unit's HP drops below 40(+15)%, increase the damage of allied units within 1 tile by 10% and this unit's damage reflection by 8%.

Critical Counter

Increase damage reflection by 0.5(+0.3)% for every 1% of HP this unit is missing. 

General Use Cards

Attack Increase

Increase attack of all units by 16(+5)%.

Test Cards

These cards were labeled as "TEST" and were added halfway through the first Closed Beta Test.

It is unknown whether any of them would make it into the next few beta tests or the final game. 


Whenever an allied unit receives damage, the attacker has a 25(+15)% chance of being stunned.

Damage Feedback

Whenever an allied unit is attacked in melee range, the attacker receives damage equal to 23(+12)% of their attack.

Contingency Plans

Once per battle, medics will launch a healing mist at any allied unit whose maximum HP drops below 4%, healing allies in range by 20% of their max HP every second for 4(+2)s

Probabilistic Self-restoration

Allied units have a 10(+5)% chance to self-heal when they attack, restoring 14% max HP.

Ultimate Charge

After using any LIMIT skill (ultimate), recover limit gauge equal to 30(+10)% of the amount spent. May trigger a maximum of one time per battle. (This Function Card may only be leveled up to Level 3.)

Specular Aggregation

Melee units will nullify the first 2(+1) instances of damage they receive and reflect 50% of its attack.

Spray Shot

Once per battle, 12 seconds after battle starts, allied ranged units will fire a regular attack at all enemies dealing 66.7(+40)% damage.


Allied units will recover 3(+2)% max HP when attacking stunned enemies. 

Burnt Fuse

When Defenders receive damage exceeding 17(-3)% of their max HP and this damage is at least 5% of their current HP, the excess amount of damage taken is converted to a heal instead. 

Stun Chance

Regular attacks from any allied unit will have a 15(+7)% chance to stun their target for 0.6 seconds. 


12 seconds after battle starts, allied ranged units will raise their crit rate to max for 10(+5)s

Positive Link

Special (Control) units gain 6(+6)% attack every time healing occurs in battle. This effect has a cooldown of 1 second. 

Positive Link

Special (Control) units gain 6(+6)% attack every time healing occurs in battle. This effect has a cooldown of 1 second. 


Gain % defense based on the percentage of HP lost, up to a maximum of 100(+70)%.

Gradual Restoration

All allied units recover 0.5(+0.3)% of their max HP every second. 

Pursuit Attack

Each time a unit dies in this battle, allied snipers gain 14(+6)% attack. 


Each time an allied unit is exhausted(?), allied Special (Control) units gain 10(+5)% cooldown reduction. 

Additional Attack

Regular attacks are accompanied by another instance of damage dealing 25(+15)% attack to another enemy within range. 

Debuff Resistance

All allied units negate the first 3(+1) debuff instances applied to them. 

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