GUDAGUDA 2023 Narrow Escape - Extra Quests

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Article by NorseFTX Ceui
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  • Extra Quests provide more Saint Quartz as well as an extra Holy Grail upon completion!
  • Extra Quests are also required for 100% Mission completion.
  • Each Extra Quest unlocks based on Missions, and are available after clearing the Main Quest line. A full list of requirements are below:
Extra Quest Unlock Conditions
Quest Unlock Conditions

Extra: GUDAGUDA Kishin Project
Clear Digression
Unlocks Day 8

Extra: Mysterious Izo
Mission 25: Defeat 60 [Undead] or [Book] enemies.

Extra: Ultra MikoMiko
Mission 30: Defeat 90 [Earth attribute] enemies

Extra: Nagao Kagetora
Mission 36: Defeat 100 [Wild Beast] enemies.

Extra: Ishin Specialty
Mission 40: Defeat 100 [Demonic] enemies.

Extra: Ishin Rider M
Mission 33: Defeat 90 [Heaven attribute] enemies.

Extra: Chibi Nobu Charge
Mission 22: Defeat 90 [Nobu] enemies.

Extra: Spirit of Yamato
Clear all other Extra Quests

Extra Quests

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