GUDAGUDA 2023 Narrow Escape - Challenge Guide: Dancing a Melody of Three Colors (Izumo no Okuni)

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Enemy Layout

Fatal Battle 1/1
Izumo no Okuni
Izumo no Okuni
Izumo no Okuni

Requirements: Unlocks on ~Day 8 of the event. The Main Quest line and Mission 79 from the event must also be completed before this quest can be attempted.

Boss Statistics

Field Effects
Every 3 Turns The Audience's Cheering is Getting Louder!: Every 3 turns, randomly have one of two effects:
1) Restore 10% HP to all party members.
2) Increase NP Gauge by 20% for all party members.
Izumo no Okuni
Izumo HP
Class Caster
NP Bar
NP Type
3 Actions per turn
Humanoid, Servant, Hominidae, Female, Weak to Enuma Elish, Human attribute, Chaotic Good
Passive Butoh Dance of the Heart: Apply Immobilization Immune (Stun/Charm/Petrify/etc) to self. Increase own NP Strength by 30%. [All Unremovable]
Battle Start / Each Turn, randomly selects one of three effects:
Effect 1 "Let's have a lively dance together!": Increase own Critical Strength and Critical Rate by 50% (1 turn). Apply a buff to the party: Apply [Great job!] trait when attacking with Quick Cards [Permanent].
Effect 2 "Let's have a powerful dance together!": Apply Ignore Invincible to self (1 turn) and restore own HP by 10,000. Apply a buff to the party: Apply [Great job!] trait when attacking with Buster Cards [Permanent].
Effect 3 "Let's have a skillful dance together!": Increase own NP Gauge by 2. Clear 1 debuff from self. Apply a buff to the party: Apply [Great job!] trait when attacking with Arts Cards [Permanent].
End of Turn "What an excellent dance! I'm impressed!": If a total of 7 [Great job!] stacks are reached, inflict Charm on self (1 turn) and remove [Great job!] stacks from the party.
Break "I will steal your heart away with this dance!": Inflict Charm on a random enemy (1 turn) and decrease Skill Cooldown by 1 for the enemy. Increase own DEF by 20%, ATK by 30%, and NP Strength by 20% (5 turns).
Break "OKUNI THE SHOWTIME!": Multiple effects (all unremovable).
- Increase own Damage Resist by 25% (3 turns).
- Increase own Damage Resist by 25% (2 turns).
- Increase own Damage Resist by 25% (1 turn).
- Increase own NP Gauge by 1 each turn (3 turns).
- Increase own NP Gauge by 1 each turn (2 turns).
- Increase own NP Gauge by 1 each turn (1 turns).
Skill 1 Stage Combat B: Increase own Buster Card effectiveness (3 turns). Increase own Quick Card effectiveness (3 turns). Apply Evade to self (2 times, 3 turns).
Skill 2 Ningyou Kagura A: Increase own Critical Rate by 30% (1 turn). Increase own Critical Strength (1 turn). Inflict Defense Down 10% (3 turns) when landing a critical hit (1 turn).
Skill 3 Sealed Shrine Maiden B+: Increase own NP Gauge by 1. Increase own Critical Rate by 20% (2 turns).
NP Okuni #18 - Great God of Izumo Kabuki: Decrease Quick Resist for a single enemy by 20% (3 turns) [Activates first]. Deal heavy damage to a single enemy. Deal supereffective bonus damage against [Demonic] enemies.


  • This event's challenge quest is a face-off against Okuni herself in a dance-off! Okuni is alone as a Caster with three break bars (648k, 1M, 1.3M HP). The battle can be solo'd (see video links).
  • The boss has an unremovable passive that gives her immunity to immobilizing debuffs (including Stun/Charm, etc.), along with a permanent 30% buff to her NP damage. Her NP thankfully only hits a single target.
  • The primary gimmick of this battle is that she uses a random skill each turn that encourages the Master to use a specific Card color from the party for that turn:
    • Quick: Okuni also gains a 1-turn Crit Rate and Crit Damage boost, in addition to the party being able to gain stacks of "Great job!" by attacking her with Quick Cards.
    • Arts: Okuni gets an extra 2 NP charge immediately, and clears 1 debuff from themselves. The party gains stacks of "Great job!" by attacking her with Arts Cards.
    • Buster: Okuni gets 1 turn of Ignore Invincible and heals herself by 10k health. The party gains stacks of "Great job!" by attacking her with Buster Cards.
  • Once the party reaches 7 total stacks of "Great job!", the boss will be inflicted by Charm (1 turn) at the end of the turn, and stacks of "Great job!" are removed from the party.
  • Her first break effect will charm a random party member, while also helpfully increasing the charmed party member's skill cooldown by 1 turn. Izumo herself gains a minor DEF, ATK, and NP damage buff for 5 turns.
  • Her second break gives Izumo 3 stacks of 25% Damage Resist each, lasting 1, 2, and 3 turns. Effectively, she has 75% Resist on turn 1, 50% Resist on turn 2, and 25% Resist on turn 3. Additionally she also similarly gains 3 stacks of +1 NP bar/turn, giving her 3 charges on turn 1, 2 charges on turn 3, and 1 charge on turn 3.
  • Note the Izumo also innately has an Evade skill in her skillset, which she can randomly use.

Team Recommendations

  • Rider ST DPS: Single target damage dealers, particularly Riders due to Class advantage, are great choices for this battle. Sakamoto Ryouma's Rider version in particular also gets an Event Damage Bonus, and is a decent choice.
  • Taunt Support is particularly useful in this encounter since her NP hits a single target, and she has a tendency (by grace of RNG) to deal highly damaging critical hits, especially on turns where she asks for Quick Card usage. Taunt support can help protect the primary damage dealer from her potentially dangerous attacks. Target focus also has the added bonus of being able to control who gets targeted by the boss's 1st break Charm debuff.
  • Damage and NP Gauge Supports of the damage dealer's Card color of choice are a solid option as always for this battle, to help the primary damage dealer fire off their NP to quickly deal with the boss. The usual of Waver, Skadi, Merlin, Altria Caster, Koyanskaya, and Oberon all are great options. Koyanskaya's Class disadvantage can even be a benefit by placing a target focus CE on her so that Izumo can defeat her quickly so she can make way for backline Servants.
  • Bringing the Event Damage CE, preferably MLB (Max limit broken), for the Event damage boost will help a great deal since her HP values are otherwise quite high. With the help of the damage CE, it becomes possible for some teams to completely ignore the gimmick of this boss by dealing enough damage to not have to worry about using specific Card colors to trigger the Charm effect on the boss.

Quick Servant Suggestions

- Recommended
Rider ST DPS
Trait Bonus DPS
Taunt Support
Event Damage CE
Offensive Support
Last Man / Solo Servant
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