Tsukasa Kudamaki

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Wicked White Fox Who Whispers in Ears


Yang ATK
Yang DEF


Element Type Chart

Rakusei (a Touhou LW original) refers to falling stars. This is an apt temperament for Tsukasa, who brings about both joy and misfortune. She's endowed with Star Essence, since she obeys no master, and Moon Essence, since she has two separate faces―one that she shows in public and one that she keeps private.

The diverse and uncooperative Star Essence resists the cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence, but it is weak to the charming and arrogant Sun Essence.

The cooperative and indecisive Moon Essence resists the alluring and arrogant Sun Essence, but it is weak to the diverse and uncooperative Star Essence.

The combination of Star Essence and Moon Essence cancels out any resistance or weakness to Sun Essence.

Character Shots

Tsukasa Kudamaki's Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). She whispers in her enemies' ears. Apparently, it's unknown why whispering has a unique influence on people. Although, it is known that the sounds of things popping, things rubbing together, water dripping or flowing, sticky tape, and tapping all have a similar, soothing effect on people. Perhaps that's because the brains of humans' early ancestors found some benefit in experiencing those sensations...
Kuda-Gitsune Whispers
x9 Yin
Iizuna Whispers
x2 Yin 1
Osaki Whispers
x2 Yang 2
Kuda Whispers
x2 Yang 2
Hito-Gitsune Whispers
x1 Yang 2
Marten Whispers
x1 Yin 3
Tsukasa Kudamaki's Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She mutters words of advice in this attack. Tsukasa gives seemingly useful information to people when they need it most, so perhaps she acts as a kind of secretary for Iizunamaru. But you must be careful. What seems like alluring information at first glance may lead you into a trap.
Kuda-Gitsune Mutterings
x5 Yin
Iizuna Mutterings
x2 Yin 1
Osaki Mutterings
x2 Yin 2
Kuda Mutterings
x2 Yin 2
Hito-Gitsune Mutterings
x2 Yin 3
Marten Mutterings
x2 Yang 3

Character Spell Cards

Limit Break 1
Limit Break 2
Limit Break 3
Tsukasa Kudamaki's Spell Card. She sets the kuda-gitsune on her enemies. Kuda-gitsune are fox youkai so small it's said they live inside bamboo tubes. They are also said to be one of the creatures that do the bidding of tsukimono-suji, families who have been possessed by spirits, youkai, and other creatures. There are legends about foxes possessing people from all across Japan. Since such tales have ties to folk beliefs from long ago, the specifics vary greatly from region to region. Some tales have been expanded upon, while others have been interpreted in many different ways. Foxes appear more often in Japanese culture than they do in most other countries' cultures.
*Pre- and Post- effects assume max level. Effects per level can be viewed here.
Pre-Attack Spell Card Effects
Target's Yin DEF 2 level(s) DOWN (3 turns).
Target's Agility 2 level(s) DOWN (3 turns).
Post-Attack Spell Card Effects
Kuda-Gitsune in a Tube
x14 Yin
Iizuna in a Tube
x4 Yin 1
Osaki in a Tube
x4 Yin 1
Kuda in a Tube
x3 Yin 2
Hito-Gitsune in a Tube
x3 Yin 2
Marten in a Tube
x3 Yin 3
Tsukasa Kudamaki's Spell Card. Foxes dance around her enemies. Foxes have a strong connection to Shugendou, and you could say Iizuna Gongen represents that fact. Iizuna Gongen is thought to be the same being as Dakiniten, who's said to be a fox spirit and was syncretized with the Shinto god Inari. As can be seen through these deities, foxes are often thought of as central to many religious beliefs.
*Pre- and Post- effects assume max level. Effects per level can be viewed here.
Pre-Attack Spell Card Effects
Party's Agility 2 level(s) UP (2 turns). [Additional effect +1 with success rate 50%.]
Inflicts 2 layer(s) of Barrier Status: Blind to all targets (2 turns). [Additional effect +1 with success rate 50%.]
Post-Attack Spell Card Effects
Iizuna Gongen's Dance
x18 Yin
Dakiniten's Dance
x5 Yang 1
Iizuna Gongen's Elegant Dance
x4 Yin 1
Dakiniten's Elegant Dance
x4 Yang 2
Iizuna Gongen's Holy Dance
x4 Yin 2
Dakiniten's Holy Dance
x3 Yang 3
Tsukasa Kudamaki's Last Word (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with the full force of her kin. As tsukimono, beings that possess humans, kuda-gitsune provide wealth to a family by stealing from other families. However, they continue to multiply and, eventually, destroy the home of those they possess. Clearly, then, they are youkai born from the jealousy people felt toward wealthy families. The jealous believed the wealthy families didn't acquire their wealth via honest means and that they had been stolen from. As they saw it, should the wealthy family come to ruin, that was simply punishment for their evil deeds. The jealous then looked to kuda-gitsune to see that become a reality. Even today, similar things are known to happen.
*Pre- and Post- effects assume max level. Effects per level can be viewed here.
Pre-Attack Spell Card Effects
Target's Yin DEF 2 level(s) DOWN (3 turns).
Inflicts 2 layer(s) of Barrier Status: Poison to all targets (3 turns).
Inflicts 1 layer(s) of Barrier Status: Poison to target (3 turns).
Post-Attack Spell Card Effects
75 Kuda-Gitsune
x20 Yin
Foxes 1-15
x4 Yin 1
Foxes 16-30
x4 Yin 2
Foxes 31-45
x4 Yin 2
Foxes 46-60
x4 Yin 3
Foxes 61-75
x4 Yin 3

Character Ability

Capable of slipping into places where one's soul is weak
Tsukasa Kudamaki's ability as a kuda-gitsune. Kuda-gitsune are said to bring both wealth and misfortune and test the hearts of those who would seek to use them.

Kuda-gitsune are a type of tsukimono, a term used for spirits and youkai that possess people. Practitioners who use kuda-gitsune use their power to see into a person's past and future, steal their wealth, and lay waste to their house. In the end, however, the kuda-gitsune multiply and bring about the practitioner's doom. This curse is said to be inherited by future generations, with afflicted families being known as tsukimono-suji. The curse even follows daughters who marry into other families. In fact, this all has some overlap with tales of zashiki-warashi, and so perhaps they are a type of tsukimono. There are also many reasons to think of wealth as something similar: for someone to be rich, another must be poor; the rich tend to get richer; wealth is inherited, etc.

In their jealousy, the poor came to accept that the reason why some people became wealthy and subsequently fell into ruin was tsukimono. In other words, they believed the wealthy inherited some unique ability, which they used to steal from others. They didn't acknowledge the achievements of the wealthy or recognize that accruing wealth took effort, they simply affirmed their own justness and rejected all else. The prevalence of this shallow-minded way of thinking led rumors of tsukimono to become legends, with tsukimono eventually becoming youkai. The concept of kuda-gitsune fit particularly well into the teachings of Iizuna Shugen, the heretical non-Buddhist cult.

Using kuda-gitsune tests the purity of your soul since they give you the power to control others. However, the souls of those who spread rumors about kuda-gitsune are also tested. When it comes down to it, which side is truly cursed?

Economic stability is said to be brought about by the invisible hand of a god, while economic instability comes as a result of so-called animal spirits. After reading that, it's hard not to picture Chimata Tenkyuu and Tsukasa Kudamaki.
When using Boost, own CRIT ATK 1 level UP (1 turn).
DMG to effective elements 25% UP.
When using Graze, own Agility 1 level UP (1 turn).

Character Skills

Yadorigami Lvl 10
CD 4
All targets' Yin DEF 2 level(s) DOWN (2 turns).
All targets' Agility 2 level(s) DOWN (2 turns).
Those possessed by a yadorigami experience both good luck and misfortune. It seems they have a deep connection with ancient possession spirits.
Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Yin Defense Level Down
Value 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2
Rate 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 0
Add 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0
Agility Level Down
Value 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2
Rate 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 0
Add 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0
CD 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4
CD 4
Party's Agility 2 level(s) UP (2 turns).
Grants Quick to self.
Tsukasa sees the past and future, then whispers in the ear of those who seek her advice. What she tells them contains wisdom but also temptation.
Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Agility Level Up
Value 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2
Rate 0 10 20 30 50 50 60 70 80 0
Add 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0
Value 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Rate 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Add 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
CD 5 5 5 5 5 4 4 4 4 4
CD 5
Own Spirit Power 1.25 UP.
Own Accuracy 3 level(s) UP (3 turns).
It's said youkai known as Iizuna are actually kuda-gitsune. They are the servants of Iizuna Gongen, the god who grants Shugendou practitioners miraculous power.
Skill Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Spirit Power Up
Value 0.75 0.8 0.85 0.9 1 1 1.05 1.15 1.15 1.25
Rate 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Add 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Accuracy Level Up
Value 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 3
Rate 0 10 20 30 50 50 60 80 80 0
Add 0 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 0
CD 7 7 7 7 7 6 6 6 5 5

Character Characteristics

Bad Youkai
When attacked, DMG from humans 20% DOWN. [Success rate 100%.]
Crafty Fox
When wave starts, inflicts 1 layer of Barrier Status: Poison to target (3 turns). [Success rate 75%.]
Working in Secret
When wave starts, target's Yin DEF 1 level DOWN (3 turns). [Success rate 50%.]

Character Change Effect

Speed Link
When switching places with a rear-guard unit, other unit's Agility, Accuracy, & Evasion UP (3 turns).
When switching places with a front-guard unit, inherits part of other unit's Agility, Accuracy, & Evasion buffs (3 turns).

Upgrade Costs

Rank Coins Materials
0 -> 1 1000
1 -> 2 2,000
2 -> 3 5,000
3 -> 4 10,000
4 -> 5 15,000

Character Analysis

Tsukasa Kudamaki was released on August 25th 2023 on the VS Divergent Spirits Ritual Prayers Pool. For more up-to-date analysis, be sure to visit the Discord Official Discord Server.

Psst! Some whispers of wisdom must be imparted when it comes to a kuda-gitsune notorious for her skillfully deceptive nature. Her name is Tsukasa Kudamaki, and she is able to take advantage of people around her by getting them to do her bidding, thus falling for her sly schemes. As if owning the Goddess of ownership, greatly double-crossing a Great Tengu and verbally digging into the soul of an Oomukade wasn’t enough, Tsukasa has since slipped her way into other future predicaments and doesn’t seem to be piping down any time soon, but what could she be looking to gain from them? Whatever her motives may seem to be, it is imperative that Tsukasa Kudamaki’s machinations must be taken with caution!

Tsukasa Kudamaki is a Debuff-Class Friend with Yin DEF debuffs, Moon and Star breaks, anomaly inflicts and breaks, and even deceptively high damage potential.

As a Debuffer

  • Debuffs Yin DEF of all enemies through Skill 1 as well as Yin DEF of a single enemy via Spell Card 1 and Last Word Pre-ATKs.
  • Agility Debuffs via Skill 1 and the Pre-ATK of her Spell Card 1 as well as some bullet lines.
  • CRIT DEF debuffs on some bullet lines.

As an Attacker

  • Has a 25% increase in damage to enemies with elemental bullets effective against any target(s). Applies to the Star and Moon elements appearing in her kit.
  • Gains 1.25 Spirit Power via Skill 3.
  • Gains 3 levels of Accuracy via Skill 3.
  • Gains CRIT ATK for every Boost executed.
  • Has slight Slice scaling in her kit. The Agility buffs she can do via Grazing, Skill 2 and Spell Card 2 Post-ATK.
  • Has a moderate Killer range including Human, Mistress, Collector, Noble, Treasure, Merchant, Kappa, Yamawaro, Tengu, God, Insect

As a Utility

  • Inflicts Blind anomalies on all enemies with Spell Card 2’s Pre-ATK which is scaled with boosts. 0P inflicts 1 layer whereas 3P inflicts 2 layers with a 50% chance of a 3rd infliction. Blind is broken by both Spell Card 2 and Last Word, both being 3P.
  • Last Word will inflict an enemy with 2 layers of Poison as well as 1 layer of it inflicted across all enemies. These are broken by the same attack at 3P.
  • Takes 20% less damage from Humans via Passive 1.

Story Card Recommendations

(Card recommendations last updated on August 24, 2023)

Spell Card

Tsukasa will definitely need some Yin ATK and CRIT ATK buffs as she is lacking in those, and of course, Spirit Power will always be helpful to her too. Other possible options to consider includes maybe doubling down on more debuffs like Yin DEF and CRIT DEF, and if you want to increase the power of her Spell Cards, you could also look to Laser and Light boosting Cards.

Yin ATK UP: Tenma Mountain Starfall, Rainbow Dragon Cave, New Year’s Shrine Visit VI, Redder Than Blood, Overwhelming Firepower, Mansion of Memories, Shrine Maiden Reborn, A Curious Festival

CRIT ATK UP: New Year’s Shrine Visit VI, Divine Spirit Tajikarao, Worlds in Hand, Miracle Mallet, Standing Behind You, Bloody Order, Ordinary Magician, 19th Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai

Spirit Power UP: Let the Oil Money Flow, Mountain of Faith, The Witch of Scarlet Dreams, Dancer in the Puddle, Youkai Mountain Anniversary, Our Dream, Road of Liminality’s Ennichi, Taking a Breather in Spring, Post-Training Kinako Milk, Midnight Tea

Team Spirit Power UP: Divine Spirit Tajikarao, Dancers Take the Stage, Myouren Temple Anniversary, Utopia Tea Time

Yin DEF DOWN: Glistening Summer Days, Let the Oil Money Flow, Anniversary at the SDM, Underworld Party Night, Send Her to the Underworld!, Flight Through Silence, Celebrity Order

Laser Bullet Power UP: Infinity Garden, Night Splitting Light, Ordinary Magician, Unmoving Great Library, Anniversary at the SDM, 

Light Bullet Power UP: Puppeteer and Necromancer, Mountain of Faith

Top Yin ATK Stat Sticks: Incident Shrine, Bonds of Blood, Lunatic Red Eyes, Divine Spirit Tajikarao, Anniversary at the SDM, Infinity Garden, Redder Than Blood, Summer Rocket, I’m Alright!, The Heat of my Fingertips

Top Agility Stat Sticks: Thunder Beat, Undercover Reporter, Protection of Cerpinus, Eat and Walk, My Favorites

Yin ATK + Agility Stat Sticks: The Heat of My Fingertips, Glistening Summer Days, Ordinary Magician, Underworld Party Night, New Year’s Shrine VIsit VI, Post-Training Kinako Milk, Divine Spirit Tajikarao

Last Word

It’s actually incredible to think about how insane of a card Incident Shrine is for Tsukasa. With a Last Word consisting of 6 lines of Star and 6 Lines of Body, Tsukasa gets a flat-out 100% boost in her Last Word if equipped with Incident Shrine. The 50% Boost in both Star and Body makes it safe to say there are 75 reasons to choose this card over the rest here.

Now if you do not have this card or are looking for other alternatives, a simple 50% boost in either Body or Star will still suffice. Body options include Stand-In Shrine Maiden, Choose an Animal Spirit and Beach Sanshoku Geidontei while Star elemental options include I’m Alright!, Secret Sealing Club Girls and Night Splitting Light. All of those mentioned will still get the job done just fine.

And finally, if you want to make things interesting or want to incorporate a mix of buffing/debuffing as well as boosting the Last Word’s power should the situation arise, there are even more options! Both Tenma Mountain Starfall and Rainbow Dragon Cave can provide 3 Stages of Yin ATK while adding a 35% Boost in Tsukasa’s Last Word Power, but the former’s Yin ATK buff can also be given to the team. Another fun option would be Glistening Summer Days, as it can debuff all foes’ Yin DEF while boosting her own Star elemental damage by 35%.

All in all, there are a lot of options to work with, but if you have a Max Limit Broken Incident Shrine, it is highly recommended that you select this card for Tsukasa’s Last Word for that high damage.

Character Skill Level Up Recommendations

Skill 3, being Servants of Iizuna is first up. Being the only way to gain Accuracy and Spirit Power, it’s extremely valuable for Tsukasa, plus reduces cooldown duration taking it from 7 turns to 5 turns. Next up is Yadorigami, since it’s the only natural source of Yin DEF debuffing on all enemies that Tsukasa has. Last up is Prophetic Whisperer, only really serving as a slight team Agility boost with a slight cooldown duration.

Character Strengths

Whispers of Yin DEF Debuffs

Tsukasa has a few ways of debuffing the Yin DEF of her enemies which can definitely benefit some Yin allies. This is achieved with one of her Skills, a Spell Card and her Last Word, although only her Skill targets all enemies. That said, these are also slightly backed up by a few CRIT DEF debuffs across a few bullet lines here and there.

Deceptively High Damage Potential

If everything works perfectly for Tsukasa, she can do high damage with her Last Word, and even to some extent her Spell Cards. While her Last Word can only hit a single target, it will hit that target extraordinarily hard provided she has a strong Story Card to back her up, most notably (Incident Shrine). On top of that, make sure her Yin ATK and CRIT ATK are stacked up for the chosen target to feel the wrath of not 1, but 75 kuda-gitsunes!

75 Test Tubes’ Worth of Breaks

Despite her position as a General Friend, Tsukasa can find herself with a good chunk of Moon and Star breaks on her Spell Cards, both having 3 of each with different distributions of it, as well as 6 Star Breaks on her Last Word. Her Spell Card 2 can also break 2-3 Blind Barriers that are inflicted in the same Spell Card at 3P, as well as a total of 3 layers of Poison inflicted on an enemy via Last Word, being broken also at 3P, alongside any Blind anomalies.

Character Weaknesses

Very Limited Buffs as a Whole

The only buffs Tsukasa has are some Agility buffs for the team, Skill 3’s selfish Spirit Power and Accuracy, and some CRIT ATK whenever she Boosts. While Skill 3 gives Tsukasa a bit of self-sustainability, Yin ATK and CRIT ATK buffs are very much left to be desired. However, with those buffs covered, plus assuming she is against an enemy susceptible to any Killers above, she has what it takes to deal high damage. But all in all, Tsukasa’s buffs are limited in general which means that by extension, team support is also very lacking.