Arknights: Myrtle Confirmed! Summer Part 2 and Hellagur Likely Arriving First.

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Article by Daniel O'Brien

Part 2 Becomes Part 1

Arknights Myrtle KR Art

KR Source

JP Source

UPDATE: Confirmation for EN.

Myrtle has been introduced on the Official KR and JP Twitter accounts, which means she will be arriving soon!  For CN, she shared the [Forging Steel] Banner, along with Hellagur and Astesia.  This Banner came as part of the summer event Heart of Surging Flame Part 2, which ran after the main summer Heart f Surging Flame Event.  This re-ordering does make sense, in a way, as Hellagur was introduced to us already in the Operational Intelligence Event.

More Information on the Surging Flame Part 2 Event can be found on the Event Page here:

[Forging Steel] Summon Simulator!

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