Chapter 5 - Necessary Solutions Announced; Release Speculation and Campaign Info!

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Twitter Announcement

The Arknights Twitter account announcing the arrival of Chapter 5: Necessary Solutions!

Release Speculation


Current speculation is that they will launch it from sometime between 24-27th, as the Japanese Arknights site shows a special animation with an increasing number of slashes each day. As it currently has 4 slashes, the theory is that Chapter 5 will drop once it reaches 7 or 10 slashes (the number of strikes Ch'en's S2/S3 does respectively), or 3-6 days from this post.

CN Launch Campaign Part 1

On the CN Server, the launch campaign had two parts. Some of the banners and campaigns were as follows.

Ch'en Banner
chen banner.

Ch'en (6*) is the 6* Banner Focus. The 5* focus is split between Swire and FEater, while the 4* focus features exclusively Greyy.

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New Skins: Vitafield Line

3 New skins will be available for sale - expect a "Should You Purchase" soon!

Check out all Arknights Skins in our Skin Gallery!
New Furniture Sets

Two new furniture sets are added: one permanent, and one limited.

rhodes hotel

Columbia Modern Hotel: Permanent.  Also added to lucky drops.

chen's office

Ch'en's Office: Limited time set, available for a month after release.

Challenge Mode

New challenge mode quests will be available after clearing Chapter 5!

All Dailies Open Campaign
all dailies

All Supplies and Chip Missions will be available every day, for a week starting from Chapter 5's Launch campaign!

CN Launch Campaign Part 2

Campaign

Similar to the current one with Perfumer's skin, this sign-in campaign one offers login bonuses and a Myrrh Skin!

Hoshiguma Banner
hoshi banner

Hoshiguma will be the 6* Featured Operator, while Liskarm and Meteorite will be the 5* Featured Operators.

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More Challenge Mode and Another All Dailies Open Campaign

These Challenge Quests will have required beating the previous ones to unlock them.

Again, the All Dailies Open will run for a week after Part 2 begins.

Annihilation 3: Lungmen

Clearing Lungmen 3 will also increase the weekly Orundum cap.

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