Should You Summon? Flames of Reflection 2

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Should You Summon? Flames of Reflection

Disclaimer: The opinions below are written by GamePress and do not actually reflect Nintendo, Cygames, or the fairy Notte's opinions (probably. If they do, it was a coincidence).

Nothing like a hot toasty fire to warm you up for the winter folks! It's back to training and back to the grind for us here at the Halidom, and the Blacksmith Sister are back in action!

Stop! Hammer time!


Times have changed since Ramona first arrived on the scene, and while she's certainly no longer the top Flame DPS, she is certainly up there and is heavily favored for Master High Midgard Sormr and is capable of performing in Expert Volk. Her kit still hits hard, and she's still able to provide her teammates with a much needed defensive co-ability. 

Still, it is harder to recommend Ramona than it was back when she first came out. She's still in the top 10 Flame DPS, barely, but a lot of Adventurers that have overtaken her are more readily available thanks to the advent of the Mana Spiral. It's probably going to be a long wait until Ramona gets an upgrade of her own, but until then she's perfectly serviceable. 

Final Verdict: Maybe. If your Flame roster is lacking Ramona can still perform. 


Whereas once she had to look up to her younger siblings, Rena is now firmly the Big Sister when it comes to the Blacksmith girls. The way that Burn works having been reworked was all Rena needed to propel her to the top of the charts. She's not quite the best when it comes to Flame DPS, but she is the best Flame Blade by a country mile, and as such is highly desired for groups of all stripes and content. It's hard to go wrong with Rena, especially thanks to her Healing Double Buff granting her a large measure of resilience and survivability. 

Rena also has found a home in Mercurial Gauntlet on a number of teams, thanks to how Burn Punisher compositions work. She's a solid workhorse, and though her Mana Spiral is a long way off she still out performs Aoi and new comer Nobunaga handily. 

Final Verdict: Yes. Rena is now very much worth getting and is key to a large number of teams. 

Water you waiting for? Renee is the cool one of this bunch!


While Rena and Ramona are both at the top of the Flame roster and perform excellently in a large number of end game challenges, Renee is pretty much bottom of the barrel when it comes to the Water roster. That said, she does have a decent if not all that desirably niche, namely that she's an excellent support Adventurer who can provide large doses of additional healing with her Healing Double buff for the team. It's not much, but it does mean that if you're struggling to survive a certain challenge Renee can provide just a little bit more durability to help you out. 

Final Verdict: No. Unless you're struggling to auto Expert Void Agni and are desperate to do so, Renee is an easy pass. 

The Blacksmith sisters have the gear, but Emma's got the pep! She's here to make sure Artos training is never dull!

While a lot about the game has changed since Emma came out, one thing hasn't: She is utterly indispensable for every Flame Roster. She's not completely dominate in the current meta, Expert Volk teams can do without her and because of how high some Adventurer's DPS has grown she's not completely mandatory for mHMS anymore, but the fact remains that runs with an Emma tend to be smoother and are far more popular than runs without one. 

Plus, if you have any desire to solo Flame Content, Emma continues to be invaluable. From her defensive co-ability to her massive Strength buff, she's a solid investment. 

Final Verdict: Absolutely, yes. If you don't have Emma, seriously considering summoning until you get her even if you need nothing else on this banner. 


Careful training with Arctos, he bear-ly ever holds back!


Artos continues to have a clear place in the meta, especially since he's now easily the most popular dragon for Ezelith. He's also invaluable in Expert Volk for his stun, which can be used to cheese certain mechanics and many groups will expect. If you need another Flame Dragon, you could do a lot worse. My only caution is that is now clear we've seen the release of 2nd Generation Dragons, who are offering what amounts to an 80% conditional Strength boost. We don't have a Flame one yet, but they're coming and it's possible that could soon lead to Arctos being outmoded. 

Final Verdict: Maybe. If you have an Ezelith this goes up to a yes, but otherwise Arctos is simply solid. 


A solid budget choice. If you somehow lack a copy of Ifrit, pulling to get a single one and then MUBing him through the Void shop is a good strategy for new or F2P players. 


This is a re-run banner. No new Adventurers or Dragons, and none of this is limited. 

Featured Items: Ramona, Rena, and Renee

  • Ramona (0.5%)

  • Rena (0.5%)

  • Renee (2.33%)

  • Emma (2.33%)

Should you Summon? Yes if you don't have Emma, maybe otherwise. 

Emma is so vital to Flame rosters that I highly recommend anyone who doesn't have her pursuer her on this banner. Otherwise, the feature Adventurers and Dragon are very useful and strong, but are no longer the greatest options available. It's still worth summoning if you have a weak Flame roster, but this banner is a repeat of older units and not particularly exciting. 

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