A Butler's Smile

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Obtainable as a 4

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"We thought it unfair that only Zodiark got a butler outfit, so we tried it too!" "You cut a respectable figure. Truly, I can sense your mighty buttling power." "How did I get myself wrapped up in this...?"
2"There's money to be made in these duds if we open our own handsome little cafe, so teach us to buttle brilliantly, Zodiark!" "Very well. I shall oblige." "You sound almost into this, Shadowwyrm..."
3"To buttle, one must have love for their master. You then reflect that through your hospitality." "Oh? And what does that look like?" "Observe this technique: Welcoming Smile!"
4"What manner of thing was that?" "A secret skill wielded when one's master returns home tired. I learned it from a professional butler." "I can SMELL that money! Teach me now!"
5"Welcoming Smile! ...How's that? My smile is appropriately winning, yes?" "No. It lacks in love for your master. Now, show me a sample of your love, Windwyrm." "Love? Well, just this once—if I must."


Ability 1