In the Limelight

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Obtainable as a 5

Wyrmprint Stats


Wyrmprint Descriptions

1"What brings you out and about, Ieyasu?" "Your festival enraptured me. I wanted another chance to sear it into my memory." "That's a real honor. I'm free right now, so how about I show you around?"
2"What's the hubbub over there?" "They having an art and talent exhibition. You wanna give it a go? Last-minute applicants are more than welcome." "Hm... That sounds fun. Let's."
3"An arts exhibition, eh? Sounds like a hoot." "Addis, Botan, seats have opened up. Er, Botan? Why did you stop in your tracks?" "Hey, Sazanka... Is that Ieyasu standing in the wings?" "WHAT?!"
4"Ladies and gentlemen, I and our venerable festival planner now present an exposition of traditional Hinomotoan swordplay." "Let's give 'em a real show, Ieyasu!" "But of course, Yaten. En garde!"
5"Thank you for your cooperation, Yaten." "Likewise. And hey, look at the audience. Your companions seem, uh...enthralled." "Ha ha. I'm delighted that Botan and the others enjoyed the show."


Ability 1