12/11/19 Patch Notes Walkthrough - All-Rounder Wanda Edition

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Patch Notes Recap

It’s been quite a while since the last patch notes worth talking about, but here we are! Smilegate has tried to patch some of the holes in their boat with band-aids, but we’re not here to talk about that. We’re here to discuss the new Specialty Change, the new Exclusive Equipment, and the new Chapter that are being released today.

Episode 2, Chapter 6

A new Story chapter has arrived, bringing with it the first Breath of Orbis that we’ve seen in a while. The new Exchange shop has some exciting goods for newer players, too (or just players who don’t do a whole lot of Banshee/are unlucky). The AP Exchange has a nifty Epic level 71 Destruction Sword, making it a good pick for critical damage dealers.

This also brings us closer to seeing Straze in the game, as previews of some of his skills have been released (though we don’t know his stats, actual skills, etc. yet - look forward to the datamine.)

New Exclusive Equipment

We’ve got some new Exclusive Equipment buyable at the Hall of Trials. It’s important to note that this equipment is temporarily only available from the Hall of Trials, and won’t be added to the Sanctuary’s crafter until the next batch of Exclusive Equipment is released.

You can find the reviews for all existing Exclusive Equipment at the page below:

New Specialty Change - All-Rounder Wanda

We get our first Specialty Change in a while this patch - All-Rounder Wanda. We have a review for her forthcoming, but for now, here are the important takeaways from her kit:


  • Wanda gets a 2-turn unresistable Stun + Unhealable with Soul Burn
  • Self-stealth on S3
  • Boosts her own CR when hitting a Targeted enemy
  • Accuracy Up for herself on S1/S3
  • Slightly better bulk
  • Improved EFF%


  • Still low Speed at 108
  • Damage is still fairly low, though passable on Targeted enemies
  • Stun still does nothing to bosses
  • S2 is still randomly targeted

Listed below are the Rune Enhancements for her Skill Tree:

  • Effectiveness increases by 5%.
  • Effectiveness increases by 7%.
  • Health increases by 15%.
  • Increases Combat Readiness by 15% when using Weak Point.
  • Has a 100% chance to be granted stealth for 2 turns when using One Shot, One Kill.
  • Increases Hit Chance of Weak Point by 40%.
  • Increases Hit Chance of One Shot, One Kill by 70%.
  • Has a 15% chance to be granted increased Speed for 2 turns at the end of the turn.
  • Has a 25% chance to decrease cooldown of One Shot, One Kill by 1 turn when using Weak Point against a Targeted enemy.
  • Increases chance of inflicting unhealable by 50% when using One Shot, One Kill.

This post will be updated with a link to the new review when it’s available, but those are the main takeaways for the time being. If you're struggling with getting rid of Assassin Cartuja or Violet, look no further.

SC Wanda Information

Violet + Violet’s Talisman Rate-Up

You can find the “Should You Summon” for Violet and his Talisman at the link below:

Rerun Incoming - "A Small Miracle"

We’re getting coal for Christmas, it seems. We’re expecting to see a re-run of last year’s Christmas Event, “A Small Miracle”, this year as well.

While it’s certainly disappointing, this should bring the return of the event Artifact, “Card of Small Miracles”, so there’s at least a silver lining.

It offers a small boost to your fodder farming, and is actually pretty useful.

We further expect the event to have the same total rewards as last year.

Beyond that, however, there’s not much to see, as Smilegate seems to have re-used many and/or all of the old assets.

Various Fixes and Wrap-up

Lastly, we have the following small bugfixes/changes:

  • New guild missions to replace older, less accessible missions

  • Streamlined pet inheritance interface

  • Faster loading times

  • Filters for heroes

  • Other stuff

Thanks for reading! We hope you join us for the nex  patch notes. We're still hopeful (call us optimistic) that Smilegate will do something regarding the community feedback, but until then, we hope to see you around for discussion. Don't be afraid to let us know what you think in the comments below! We do want to hear from you!

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