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YDCB Games

"If you have a 1% chance to not crit, YOU WILL NOT CRIT"

YDCB pushes Heroes to their highest potential and showcases them in PvP, sometimes with unconventional or risky team builds. The video editing is also fantastic.



In addition to PvP gameplay, TKGallant reviews Heroes and is always friendly and happy to answer questions on stream. 


"Hello, my beautiful little Moglets!"

Mogawty has tons of Raid gameplay and easily digestible guides for newer players.


"Congratulations, you have acquired Aramintha"


"Big shoutout to the guy who complained about this sound bite"


Recommended: Rapid Build Guides series reviewing new Heroes. His comments aren't going to be as in-depth as longer Hero reviews, but they're very short and get to the main points right away.

Other Recommended Creators

YJ NightPlay
Kia Soul
Grass Angel
K Gaming
cwup / clark
Max Numbers

STOVE Recognition

Epic Creators Feature

On Tuesday, January 15th, 2019 Smilegate opened applications for Epic Creators to be featured and promoted among the Global server community. This also came with an in-game reward of 5,000 Skystones per month to spend on the game. 

Unfortunately, this feature was discontinued due to issues with account sharing, which violated the game's ToS.

The original list of featured creators:

Epic Creators Round 2

On July 12th, 2019 GM Dominiel posted another feature for fan creators. Although it remains very gameplay-focused, the new list includes some visual artists as well. 

To make this possible, the Epic Seven team also lifted the ban on account sharing. The ToS amendment states that creators may summon and play the game on behalf of other people, but cannot be compensated for the service.


If you would like to have your name here or suggest an influencer who is not on this page, feel free to contact us! You can do this via email ([email protected]), site feedback, or our Discord Server. We can then review them to add or remove from the list.


Social Media Links:

Video(s) you would like embedded:


In-game name: 

Similarly, if you are on here and don’t want to be featured, simply let us know so your name and channel links can be removed. 

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