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How To Reroll

Regarding Emulation

Currently, running Epic Seven on PC apps like BlueStacks and Nox is easy to do, whether for accessing multiple accounts or beginning as a Guest.

Epic Seven permits multi-instancing, so you can access the same account on two devices. This allows convenient access on your phone, tablet, or PC-- but do note that playing or farming on two or more devices simultaneously may result in an account ban. Buying, selling, and trading accounts is also against Smilegate's Terms of Service.

Time Commitment

For those used to rerolling other gacha games, this one will be a breeze: Epic Seven has built-in rerolling with Selective Summoning. Thirty 10-pulls should be enough to get a desired set, but if luck runs dry, the game’s data can easily be reset from the Options menu. Getting to 1-10, the point at which Selectives become available, takes about 30 minutes of gameplay.

Single pulls per reroll 303 pulls
Time spent per reroll ~30 minutes

An incredibly good Selective roll. Image source: r/epicseven subreddit

The way it works is: Each 10-pull can be either kept or discarded, with the remaining number of pulls listed at the bottom of the screen. Ideally one should roll for one 5★ character with any number of extra 4★ Heroes, but a single preferred 5★ still provides a good start.

However! During giveaways and such, Smilegate will occasionally give out either 5★ tickets or a large amount of Skystone. These should be used before your selective summons to secure any of the Heroes below - these heroes are not available in Selective Summons and are based on what is available in the Covenant summon pool:

  • Tamarinne - #1 Support/Heal Hybrid, with a built-in Cleanse and CR Push
  • Bellona - Damage based on a % of maximum health and a quickly-cycling Defense break
  • A 4★ or 5★ Moonlight Hero-- these are very rare in the Covenant pool, but almost all of them have unique and powerful kits. 

Other notable Heroes who are in the Covenant pool but not the Selective Summon pool include: Krau, Haste, Yufine, Lidica, Kayron, and Lilibet. Anyone subsequently added to the permanent pool will be available to summon using freebies.

The process of rerolling is as follows:

Step 1: Open the app and begin the game using a Guest Account.

Step 2: Progress to 1-4 in Adventure Mode.

The tutorial summon is locked to a 3★ Hero or Artifact from Covenant Summoning, so there's no rerolling potential there. Luckily, there are a couple of of Summons available by claiming Covenant Bookmarks through the inbox under the GM tab. These can be used for any current banner, including Covenant Summoning which now includes Moonlight Heroes. 

Step 2.5 (optional): Reroll using freebies

The rerolling process changes entirely when Smilegate gives out free tickets, summons or bookmarks during special events. Clear out your inbox and see what pops up! If you roll any strong Heroes at this stage, you may try for a complimentary Hero in Selective Summoning.

1-5 will be the first chapter with Autobattle, so after this point the process is mostly hands-free.

Step 3: Complete 1-10 and roll Selective Summoning.

When rolling, keep in mind that one 5★ is the maximum for each roll. Moonlight Summons also aren’t available until 10-10, so Light and Dark Heroes won’t drop.

If you pull a 5★ Hero early on, there's a dilemma: take what you've got, or keep trying for your favorite? The risk is yours to take, but do keep in mind that the probability of any one Hero is very small. It's worth picking at least a handful to target-- see below for recommendations.

Step 4: After rolling, choose to either keep the account and continue playing, or reset account data by following the steps below. 

When the desired roll has been obtained, be sure to set your nickname (which can only be chosen once!) and bind the account to an email address so it can be recovered. 

Resetting Account Data

If nothing interesting came out of 30 rolls, it's worth trying again. To start over an account, open the blue menu from the upper-right of the Lobby screen, then select Settings at the bottom. Finally, there will be a red button to Reset account data.  

Reset Account Data

Those who logged in with a Guest Account will lose nothing, whereas resetting a Google Play, email or social media account will clear the data bound to that account. If there's a good 5★ or two on there, it may be worth saving that account by binding, deleting the app and reinstalling to roll again as a Guest. In the event of a failed roll, the old account can still be accessed using the associated email.  


If there's a favorite Hero or character you like... Roll for them! Having a character who motivates you and makes the game more fun is often worth more than picking the "optimal" Hero.  


5★ Heroes

The 5 pool for Selective Summoning is limited to Heroes who were on Rate Up before the Global server launch. This "initial" pool has not changed since the introduction of Selective Summoning, and it is currently unknown whether this will be updated with newer additions such as Krau, Tenebria or Haste.

Since the Selective Summons allow one natural 5 roll, this will be the biggest choice. Either aim for the character who best suits your plans or, if playing more casually, roll until a good Hero drops and choose that one. Here they are ranked by beginner-friendliness:

Although Sez (technically Wind Rider) was recently nerfed in PvP, he and Vildred remain strong for Cleave teams and raising fodder creatures. Iseria is also included here for versatility as a support Hero. Tywin, Ravi, Sigret, and Ken are also incredibly strong Heroes in their own areas. It's worth noting that any Ice Hero on this list is a good choice for Wyvern Hunts.

Going down the list Heroes become more specialized for certain content, but it's still worth looking into them for various utilities such as strong healing (Destina), debuffs (Baal & Sezan, Aramintha) or Dispel (Basar). 

4★ Heroes

The ideal roll would be a 5★ Hero with one of the 4★ healers, but this is quite rare. Any combination of Heroes is pretty good, but above are some of the strongest of the 4rarity.

Angelica used to reign supreme as the ultimate PvE helper, but since the introduction of Angelic Montmorancy, many players have access to a similar kit through Montmorancy's Spec change. Still, rolling Angelica can't hurt, as this means immediate access to Immunity, Barrier and Cleanse effects. 

Cidd is also worth mentioning as a top PvP Hero, as is Schuri. Clarissa, Karin and Rose are especially good against Wyverns, while Achates has broad healing utility. Surin is also worth picking up for her damage and Bleed kit.

3★ Heroes

3★ Heroes appear in abundance and can easily be acquired later if missed. That said, some will really come in handy and are worth using right away if you happen to get them in your Selective pull. 

Kiris and Alexa are very strong PvE characters, while Kluri, Roozid, Montmorancy and Hazel all have access to updated kits through the Specialty Change mechanic. 


Artifacts definitely aren't the focus of a reroll, but a handful are almost worth the utility of an entire Hero. In particular, Shimadra Staff and Rod of Amaryllis greatly increase the potency of any healer you choose, freeing up teammates to serve other roles on a team. 

Honorable mentions include Rosa Hargana, Sashe Ithanes, Rhianna & Luciella, Sigurd Scythe, and Aurius if you have the right Heroes to pair them with. 

Further Reading


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