10/23/19 Patch Notes

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October 23rd Patch Notes

Hello, and welcome to this week's patch notes. We’ll introduce you to the new 3-part event, ‘The Shadow of Ravenwing Manor’ and walk you through some of the new goodies that it brings, including a re-run of farmable 4* Mage Serila and her new Exclusive Equipment.


  1. Halloween Event: The Shadow of Ravenwing Manor

  2. Serila Exclusive Equipment

  3. Farmable 4* Mage: Serila

  4. Huche’s Rip-off Shop Rerun

  5. Wrap-up

Additionally, you can find the "Should You Pull" article for Cecilia here.

(1) The Shadow of Ravenwing Manor

This is the first major event we’ve had since Reingar’s Festival. It is a 3-part event as well, with a new chapter being unlocked weekly, and features Serila’s exclusive equipment as part of a daily chain, just like Yuna’s was during the Reingar Festival.

You can find a full guide at the page below:

It also comes with several new artifacts:

Spooky Solayu Stories (Any Class) - Teamwide 2.5 - 5% (MAX) Hit Rate+/EFF%+ 

One of the only two Hit Rate+ artifacts, this is also the only teamwide Hit Rate+ buff. However, the value leaves much to be desired.

Chatty (Mage Exclusive) - 50-100% (MAX) chance to provide a 2-turn .7x ATK Shield when knocked below 50% HP. Procs once every two turns.

A premium survival tool for tankier mages and a nice addition to bruiser teams. Less useful for mages with lower ATK or who are built with lower offensive stats. A balance should be achieved to make sure that the mage is not killed in one hit and can actually use the shield.

(2) Serila Exclusive Equipment: Witch Hat

All of our unique equipment reviews are on their own page, where we give you a detailed rundown of the pros/cons and our recommended builds! Check 'em out HERE!

Serila's Witch Hat

Serila's Exclusive Equipment

That being said, here's a short breakdown of Serila's Exclusive Equipment:

Witch Hat

Serila gains 7-14% ATK from Witch Hat when crafted via the Sanctuary. (All 3 Witch Hats can be earned during the event at the MAX stat value of 14% ATK). This scales well with her high base ATK value, high ratios, and burn-centric S3.

  • Skill Enhancement #1: Spirit Absorb

Serila gets a 30% chance to get an extra turn after using her S2.

Unreliable, but very powerful, especially if she knocks out an enemy with S2, due to the innate reset on kill. This is also a 30% chance to reduce the cooldown of her S2/S3 by 1 turn, due to taking a bonus turn. However, due to Serila’s average-at-best speed, it’s probably not best to rely on an artifact with a 30% proc chance. But hey… be my guest and toss that D3!

  • Skill Enhancement #2: Flame Kiss Option #1

Flame Kiss now inflicts Vampiric Touch for 2 turns on the target. This debuff was previously exclusive to Haste.

Mechanics-wise, Vampiric Touch is a 10% mHP-scaling heal each time that a target is hit, before bonuses like Shimadra Staff! This can provide some excellent healing when Vampiric Touch is inflicted on a tanky target such as a boss, and can trigger from AoEs and incidental damage. (This is NOT AoE; good catch /u/CardAnarchist)

  • Skill Enhancement #3: Flame Kiss Option #2

Flame Kiss dispels up to 2 enemy buffs BEFORE inflicting Burn to the enemy team.

A much more boring but reliable option for Serila’s S3. You remove two enemy buffs BEFORE inflicting burn, pretty much guaranteeing that you will never have to deal with the pesky debuff immunity buff. Serila can anchor any burn-based teams much better now. However, we’re not sure on the exact mechanics of WHEN this dispel occurs: before the damage or after. It can be much improved if it occurs before damage is dealt.

I’m partial to the Vampiric Touch addition to her S2 (Option #2), which can make Serila an excellent all-arounder, with the ability to do the following: self-buff ATK, debuff the enemy with ATK break and burn, heal her team, and inflict DEF break.

That being said, a 2-buff dispel is both rare and powerful, and even better if the dispel occurs before the damage, though we’ll have to wait and see. I will update this review when we know better.

(3) Farmable 4* Mage: Serila

It wouldn't be much of a review if we left out the hero who actually received the upgrades: Serila.

She received some recent buffs, which are rehashed below:

  • S1 Changed - CR knockback replaced with DEF break chance, maxing out at 50% DEF Break chance for 2 turns (very standard).
  • S2 remains unchanged.
  • S3 Buffed - Now has 100% (up from 85%) chance to inflict 2 burns

These buffs helped her to be more consistent, and should increase her overall use. She’s a bit of a sleeper; S2 was already good, hitting very hard with her enormous base ATK, decreasing enemy attack at 75%, and healing her for a significant amount.

The Exclusive Equipment buffs shown above help her even more post-buff, making her a very viable pick for a Fire Mage. She’ll still struggle to land anything in PvP, though, due to the excessive numbers of Ice heroes, and her base Speed leaves much to be desired.

(4) Huche’s Rip-off Shop Rerun

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating, because this is important:

Huche’s Pop-Up Shop is a ripoff. The value you get for your skystones is low.

If you MUST buy anything from the shop, the only thing you might want is the Molagora.

Don’t be tempted to gamble the 1200 crystals on the 4-5* ticket for an 85% chance of failure that won’t contribute to your next 121 guarantee. You can get more marks by refreshing the shop if you're really desperate.

(5) Wrap-up

Rumors abound, but we’ve got a good chance of having a Luna banner rerun, since the event is likely to feature her in some way.

We’re quite ready for the MAJOR, MAJOR patch next week, with all the balance changes (found here), and the much-awaited Pet System. You can bet that you’ll hear from us again then!

In the meantime, PLEASE leave us any comments and feedback - we’d love to hear from you!

You can find our E7 community Discord at the link below, where you can reach me at Burtgang#9627.

See you soon!

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