Epic Seven Official Livestream on December 5th

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Article by Kiera Hoogendam
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Today GM Dominel has announced that the official Epic Seven Twitch channel will be active with a livestream "taking you through the world of Orbis." We expect something similiar to this video, which is more fun and lore-focused.

We don't expect there will be features of game mechanics showcased, but for those interested in the lore, we recommend tuning in on December 5th! 

Hello Heirs!

This is GM Dominiel!

I am happy to announce that Epic Seven will begin official English live streaming on the 5th of December!

Join Desperado and Mashuu as they take you through the world of Orbis! 

Schedule: December 5th at 4:00 PM PST


Next Stream: December 19th

Time Until Stream



Mashuu and Desperado validated community feedback and acknowledged many of the grievances, apologizing for their lack of power within SmileGate.  

It ended on a positive note, discussing merch and fan events and meetups in NYC and Brazil.

Real-Time Arena Pre-Season 

  • No energy cost 

  • Open to everyone over Level 65

  • Friendship Battles 

  • No GG collab Heroes or Portrait of the Saviors, since the EU server does not have them yet. JP Server is excluded as well for being so far behind the rest

  • No mirror comps-- no Hero can be shared among teams

  • Timer ticks down as players take turns selecting Heroes

  • The trick will be to pick your Heroes in order so that the comp isn’t obvious from the start



  • Ras, Aither and Vildred

  • Can be used in ingame chat and Real-Time Arena



  • The latest Dev Notes were just a quick fix making way for longer-term solutions

  • Energy-- Desperado says it’s not as simple as increasing the amount. Desperado and Mashuu have been pitching Leifs refilling to full and getting more Stamina for Skystones

  • Suggested Leif Tree in Forest Of Souls

  • Issue with Stamina is the Rewards and returns; High cost for Hunt and Hell Mode side story

  • Acknowledged that Gearing is hard for World Boss

  • W11 dropping only Level 85 Gear: Desperado is against it ( it seemed like he doesn't think it will be possible to sway devs into making that change)

  • Late Game content-- players suggested more Abyss Floors, more Hell Raid bosses (and Level 88 Gear)

  • Allow people to roll more on gear of all levels by reducing gold costs

  • Mashuu also dislikes unequip costs, Nue admitted he switches Artifacts a lot

  • Removing pet snacks altogether probably won’t happen

  • Pets opening chests outside auto-- might happen?

  • Players want Top Guild rewards

  • Proposal: Hard Mode for Automaton Tower with the same rewards

  • Desperado acknowledged requests for a new Epic Pass and said, “I can’t disclose anything, but that is noted.”

  • Mashuu is following up on the proposed name change ticket

  • Mashuu brought up the idea of having gold drops from Raid bosses


  • Chat: “You guys are useless, you have no power in SmileGate” Desperado admits it, but promises to do his best. 

  • Chat: Why so few male Heroes? Desperado and Mashuu: We would like to see more male Heroes. 

  • Chat: “Will hard gearing requirements limit diversity?” Desperado: Devs are very much aware of the current state.

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